Leading Online Jeweler Lowers Prices on Best Selling Tungsten Rings



Released on: February 16, 2012, 12:26 am
Author: Titanium Jewelry
Industry: Retail

Titanium-Jewlery.com announces new pricing for Tungsten rings made by Heavy Stone Rings

Modesto, California, United States, February 16, 2012 – Titanium-Jewelry.com, leading online jeweler of modern mens wedding bands and mens rings, and mens jewelry announced that the prices on the best selling tungsten rings by Heavy Stone Rings (HSR) have been lowered. The new lower prices take effect immediately. Many of the HSR tungsten rings were lowered 10 - 20%.

Located in Utah, Heavy Stone Rings is a small jewelry manufacturer of tungsten rings, cobalt rings and Damascus steel rings. "Our customers really like the idea of their wedding bands being made here in the United States, by a small jewelry manufacturer, as opposed to a large jewelry corporation, or even worse having their wedding band being made in sweat shops in Asia. They are helping support the "small guy" and keeping their dollars here in the U.S.", says Ron Yates, founder of Titanium-Jewelry.com.

Tungsten is a metal that is virtually scratch proof and is harder than steel and even titanium. Not all Tungsten is of the same quality and overseas Tungsten is not subject to the same quality control as the United States. Being manufactured here in the U.S. gives peace of mind to the consumer that the quality is high as well the labor put into the piece has been compensated fairly. Tungsten rings account for about 19% of all men’s wedding bands, in fact Tungsten usage is growing in all mens jewelry. Yates reports that many grooms are opting for tungsten rings combined with precious metals, such as 14K gold, and diamonds for their wedding band purchase. "Adding another element like gold, either white, yellow or red gold, really sets your tungsten wedding band apart from the low end rings being sold on discount websites like Amazon", Yates said.

In business for more than 20 years, Titanium-Jewelry.com has a reputation for carrying beautiful, award winning wedding bands and jewelry that is perfect for men looking for both contemporary and classic design. Titanium-Jewelry.com specializes in mens titanium rings, tungsten rings and, cobalt rings combined with the precious metals and diamonds. This company focuses on offering the latest and most unique designs and world class customer service. Not only is Titanium-Jewlery.com an online jewelry retailer but their parent company has a physical jewelry store located in Modesto, CA.

About Titanium-Jewelry.com
Titanium-Jewelry.com offers sophisticated designs from ArtCarved, Benchmark, COGE, Diana Classic, Edward Mirell, Heavy Stone Rings, J.R. Yates, Triton and the Belloria Black Diamond collection for her. Enticing grooms and couples worldwide, the online retailer provides a multitude of styles and metals representing the best selection of palladium rings, mens titanium rings, tungsten rings, and men’s wedding bands for the fashion forward male and female.

Experts in modern men's wedding rings and modern metals jewelry, Titanium-Jewelry.com leads the industry in contemporary jewelry fashions. For more information, please visit www.Titanium-Jewelry.com.

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