Dutch train station with PPG coatings wins national award

Released on: January 08, 2012, 8:46 am
Industry: Chemicals

ARNHEM, Netherlands, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- In August 2011, the newly renovated train station here opened to stellar reviews for its innovative design and construction. Coming in at nearly $800 million (612 million euros), the project included four new futuristic platform roofs, each more than 600 feet long and up to 52 feet wide (183 meters by 16 meters).

Recently, the project team won the prestigious 2012 Dutch National Steel Prize.

The team, including representatives from PPG's protective and marine coatings (PMC) business, worked in partnership under very tight time constraints to ensure that the high-profile project was completed on time, on budget and according to all specifications. This included the application of nearly 3,700 gallons (14,006 liters) of SIGMACOVER(TM) coating for the platform roofs and columns, and an additional 530 gallons (2,006 liters) of SIGMADUR(R) coating applied to the galvanized steel that supports the roofing.

In presenting the 2012 award, the Dutch Steel Association jurors noted that the new platform roofs and matching traffic buildings form a mega-improvement for the platform, station area and the City of Arnhem. In addition, the white color of the finished structure emphasizes the exotic impression and adds a striking element to the total facelift of the station area.

We're extremely proud of our team for its contribution to this award-winning project, said Martijn Bokelaar, PPG key account manager. The project illustrated PPG PMC's great products, teamwork and technical expertise.

SIGMACOVER is a trademark and SIGMADUR is a registered trademark of PPG Coatings Nederland B.V.

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PPG Protective and Marine Coatings
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