Mediaman Howard Needle Celebrates 2-Year Anniversary Of Alternative Solutions Media - A Unique Marketing Company That Brings Recovery Programs And People Suffering From Addiction Together  

Released on: June 10, 2013, 4:19 am
Industry: Media

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FLA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- In June of 2011, media executive Howard Needle launched a company specifically focused on promoting rehabilitation and recovery to the addicted community. He realized that many people suffering from addiction are unwilling to check themselves into a facility, and the idea of self treatment with online support would be appealing to them. His company, Alternative Media Solutions, was founded on the premise that people suffering from addiction will respond to informative TV commercials and radio campaigns, and then visit an online site that offers support.

Tips and guidance on self-healing are provided on this site but also, descriptions of recovery programs and facilitieswith videocan be viewed. What this achieves is that many people looking to self treat end up contacting a recovery facility or program and finding a much more effective treatment process.

I am very proud of my company, states founder and president, Howard Needle. I knew there had to be a way to bring those who are addicted together with those who can really help them. Utilizing volume buying power and my relationships with media companies, I am able to provide recovery businesses with a complete media package at a significant discount, allowing them to reach more patients and help more people than they ever could have without the media campaign. I've reached my two year anniversary and I am here to stay.

Needle has working relationships with media experts in every state,  and so is able to service clients from around the country. Top quality videos that highlight the recovery facilities are also placed online for potential patients to watch. Needle and his team serve clients of various sizes and budgets. Quotes for media campaigns are provided at no charge, and can be localized, regional or national.

To learn more call Mr. Needle directly at 561. 281. 2020 or visit


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