Rose Greenwood, President of EON Systems, is a finalist for the Business Woman of the Year Award presented by the Tampa Bay Business Journal

Released on: August 05, 2013, 6:07 am
Industry: Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The city of Clearwater, Florida nominated Rose Greenwood for the Business Woman of the Year Award given by the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Rose was announced as a finalist in the Technology area on July 5, 2013 for her work as President of EON Systems, Inc. EON Systems has been providing billing, scheduling, practice management and EHR computer software for health care practitioners for the last twenty-five years.

When Derek Greenwood founded EON twenty-five years ago, it was a classic tech company start-up, dwelling in his parents' basement. While growing EON from one person to a company over thirty strong, Rose has worn every technical and administrative hat in the company except those of CEO and Founder. Derek Greenwood, her husband, has retained those.

Rose grew up with mainframes, punch cards and tape, and by the time she got to college, she was one of only two girls in her computer science major. This depth of understanding has been of great value as Rose has been called on for everything from helping clients with technical support and writing computer code to comforting members of her staff who have suffered losses. Even during uncertain economic times, EON Systems has seen continued economic expansion and technological advancement.

EON Systems offers The Digital Office ä software, combining The Practice Solution ä (full-featured practice management and billing software), Documentor ä (note-writing and documentation software) and Document Solution ä (digital document and x-ray management and storage). Each component is available separately, so that the solution can be implemented as the practice grows.

Please direct questions about EON Systems' software to, or call (800) 955-6448

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