Latest Release From The Best Selling Author Of The Angel Digest Series

Released on: September 25, 2013, 1:35 pm
Industry: Media

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Best selling author and spiritual healer, Paul Spremulli, adds to his list of spiritually-inspired works with his latest title, Destination Oneness. Described as a guide to spiritual peace, happiness, and universal understanding, Spremulli once again offers his unique brand of inspirational guidance that can be applied to all of humanity. No matter where a person is in their spiritual journey, Spremulli's Destination Oneness will benefit them greatly and provide lasting, uplifting results.

Cranston, RI 2013 Paul Spremulli, founder of Angelnook Publishing and, has devoted his life to providing spiritual guidance, healing, and counseling to all those in need. Among Paul's many accomplishments include the exhibition of his divinely inspired art in galleries and at the New York Art Expo. He has written and created other inspirational works that include the Angel Digest series, Teen Healer, Miracle Digest, Miracles Examined, and the children's book, Where Is It Okay To Pray.

Destination Oneness joins these other inspirational titles as a supportive guide in your quest for universal oneness. Spremulli explains in detail his amazing journey that began with a loss of faith and resulted in learning to communicate with his God and ultimately discovering his spiritual mission here on Earth. This book discusses common spiritual roadblocks that prevent us from developing a close personal relationship with God and achieving universal understanding. Additionally, Destination Oneness provides easy to comprehend exercises for in-depth introspection and to serve as a reminder throughout your spiritual journey. If you feel that it is time to make real changes in your life and are willing to do the spiritual heavy lifting, this book can serve as a guide, a motivator, and a jump-start.

Copies of Destination Oneness and of Spremulli's other titles can be purchased online now at, with autographed copies available at

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