Octane an Online Marketing Company Announced the Launch of Advanced Segmentation Tool

Released on: September 17, 2013, 3:24 pm
Industry: Internet & Online

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Segregation of useful database as opposed to inactive database is an essential one. Octane launches advanced segmentation tool to deal with this situation.

Octane is an online marketing company that provides excellent email marketing services to its clients. The database of users for which business houses conduct mail campaigns is the backbone of such campaigns. Since campaigns are created solely for the user and for creating awareness about their products it is essential for a business house to equip themselves with the right audience. Advanced segmentation tool is the breakthrough from procuring database of users without studying their behavior or pattern for purchase.

It offers an exquisite option that can help clients to know which campaigns attract the attention of their target market and which avert their interest. Advanced segmentation tool is sure to enhance octane's email marketing services because it segregates the database according to four categories that will help the clients to implement changes in their campaigns. These categories are:

  1. Ever opened: This categorization entails the list of people who have opened your mails.
  2. Never opened: Those members of users are listed here who have never attempted to vie your mails.
  3. Ever clicked: The name itself makes it clear. The users who have an interest in your product and services and have been enticed by the offers listed in your mail. The numbers of users who have clicked your mail are enlisted in this category.
  4. Never clicked: When a user never gets attracted by your mail he never clicks it to view the content or graphics. These users are segregated into this category by the advanced segmentation tool.

Octane hopes to provide quality database to their clients with this tool. Users actively browsing through your mails are more likely to become your customers than users you have never even clicked you mails. Thus this online marketing company targets to achieve productive database and quality results for their clients.

Contact Information

Dig Vijay

Level 4, Rectangle 1, Commercial complex, D-4, Saket

New Delhi, India -110021

Website: www.octane.in

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