Delhi Police focuses on Reinvention through National School of Leadership’s AXELL

Released on: October 02, 2013, 10:17 am
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National School of Leadership conducts its leadership workshop, AXELL, for Delhi Police. This is the largest leadership workshop of this kind, being conducted for 2 days with over 750 police personnel attending each day

New Delhi, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- On 25th and 26th of September, the Delhi Police became the first police force in the country to host the largest ever leadership workshop, AXELL which is a scientific performance model of the prestigious National School of Leadership. Conducting this workshop was an initiative of the Gates ETH Foundation, a social organization based out of Delhi. This workshop was conducted Dr. Chinmoy Sarkar, renowned scientist in quantum mechanics and Dean at the National School of Leadership. The workshop saw participation by over 750 police personnel on each day. Having been conducted for Meerut Police and Agra Police before, this leadership workshop was focused on National School of Leadership's AXELL, a Quantum Physics-driven model of personal and professional leadership. The core focus of the AXELL workshop was on personal leadership and stress management techniques that can be easily adopted by the police personnel, along with innovation, presence of mind and self-motivation methods which would help the police personnel function in the best way possible.

Speaking on the occasion, Robin Hugo, Joint Commissioner of Police, Delhi Police, said, With ever-increasing workloads and responsibilities, it is understandable that all personnel of the force, regardless of rank, face immense challenges in completing their duties to the fullest extent possible. For us, it is not merely a question of discharging our duties, but to do so in a manner which is most effective, with the least negative impact in the way we function. We are glad to say that the NSL's AXELL workshop has been immensely beneficial in cementing certain ideas and approaches which we are confident will reflect in an increasing standard of police work across the force, and we also thank GATES ETH Foundation for contributing to the forces and we feel proud to associate with the cause.

Dr. Satasuryaa, Chairman, National School of Leadership, commented, It is my personal dream to see the Indian Police Force as the top police force in the world and this is a small contribution to the Delhi Police from us to make this happen. I thank the Delhi Police for the enthusiasm they showed in innovation towards providing distinguished service to citizens and nurturing police personnel to think outside-the-box.

Commenting on his interactions with the police personnel present for the event, Dr. Chinmoy Sarkar, Dean National School of Leadership, mentioned, We are aware of the pressures faced by a police force in maintaining law and order in any location, sometimes at great impact to their personal lives as well, but seeing the enthusiasm of everyone present for the workshop, I can confidently say that the safety of our national capital is in very able hands. Their willingness and dedication to learn of ways in which they can function progressively more effectively was quite heartening to see. I am proud to have conducted this workshop for the Delhi Police.

Speaking on his experience after conducting the workshop, Col. Aalok Sood, Director Strategy at GATES ETH Foundation commented, As the core organization tasked with the maintenance of law and order in the capital, the Delhi Police has its fair share of challenges, and this would undoubtedly reflect on the men and women who are a part of the force. But the kind of commitment which they have displayed towards self and service during the course of the workshop is highly commendable.

The workshop focused on enabling the police personnel to understand and build a clear focus on the conduct of its duties through greater public sensitivity, as well as to such cases that involve women and children, and other factors such as better individual approaches to crime victims, et al. In facing the ever-changing scenario of law and order, the AXELL workshop focused on equipping the police personnel with the ability to meet and surpass the requirements of their duties in a sustainable manner.

On 25th, the workshop was conducted by the scientist who designed AXELL himself, Dr. Chimoy Sarkar. On 26th, the workshop was themed as Strengthen Self Identity to Achieve Excellence and was conducted by noted motivational speaker Col. Aalok Sood.  NSL's AXELL has already created an impact on the police before, having been done for over 200 police personnel for Agra Police. It is a model designed through extensive research into quantum mechanics by Prof. Chinmoy Sarkar. The research was conducted and proven at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur, and is aimed at optimizing efficiencies across levels for individuals and organizations alike. This research was funded by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

Apart from police dignitaries, the session was attended by Anshum Anand - Country Head of Gates ETH Foundation, Rashi Anand - Founder Lakshyam and Anamika Yaduvanshi.

The event was concluded by the singing of the National Anthem by participants.

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