Telco Management Raises Funds For The Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Released on: November 25, 2013, 9:10 am
Industry: Telecommunications

Vancouver, Canada, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Telco employees hail from all corners of the globe and many have been directly affected by the disaster in the Philippines. Employees within the organization have given generously to the Red Cross' appeal for what they see is such a vital cause. Within just a few days Telco staff and management have raised thousands of dollars, and it has been confirmed, the Canadian Government will match money raised.

With millions of people displaced after the terrible events in the Philippines caused by typhoon Haiyan, organizations such as the Red Cross are providing a valuable lifeline to those in need of food, shelter and medical assistance. Providing continuing relief, the Red Cross has answered the country's call, however, much work is still to be done.

People from all over the world are still coming to terms with the devastation caused by this catastrophic natural disaster.  Knowing the Philippines will require ongoing aid, many private companies have offered their resources and assistance; Telco is proud to be one of them and will continue to do so. Telco employs people that come from all over the world and the cultural diversity within the company makes it a unique and favourable place to work.

"As our company is made up of many international ambassadors, our employees naturally came together as a team to support others in need. This is a common entity found in our work environment where everyone's background, culture and origin is embraced," stated an official from Telco Management. This initiative follows Telco's fundraising endeavors during the Japanese Tsunami, where employees came together and assisted where possible.

The Red Cross Typhoon Haiyan fund is still accepting donations for this ongoing relief program, and all help is gratefully received.

About Telco
Telco Management is an established international call center located in Vancouver, British Columbia. For over 23 years, the company has developed direct marketing professionals that to this day are proudly serving global clients with continued success. As an industry leader, the company has primarily focused on overseas sales and marketing operations.  The Telco contact center is a multilingual workplace and although business is conducted primarily in English, agents also communicate to clients in their preferred language such as French, German, Spanish, Japanese, German, Portuguese and Italian.

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