Word Branch Publishing Releases Touching Memoir of Addiction and Recovery

Released on: November 25, 2013, 9:13 am
Industry: Media

Marble, NC, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Sara Berelsman's new autobiography, My Last Rock Bottom, is both poignant and raw.

"I remembered the wine. The pills. More wine. More pills. It was raining outside. We were laughing. I remembered being so out of it, blacking out and then reappearing for seconds at a time, catching glimpses of skin and bubbles.

What happened?"

Sara was a writer, and drinking seemed to be an element of the identity. As a writer, she searched for the story that would define who she was, and her drinking was a part of her. It was when the two glasses of wine turned into two bottles of wine, when her blacked-out drunken behavior began destroying her marriage, when she began combining her drinking with pills - prescribed or otherwise - this is when Sara began to realize she had a problem.

It wasn't until she hit her last rock bottom that she understood her story. If she were to continue drinking, her marriage would be over. She knew she had to quit.

So she did.

Sara quickly learned that sobriety wasn't easy. But inside the struggle she found words. One day, she threw on her husband's oversized Nike sweatshirt, drove her daughter to school and came home to write.

The words just poured out of her.

Sara Berelsman's My Last Rock Bottom chronicles her decent into addition, denial and the beginning of the slow rise into sobriety and back to her life and family. Berelsman's story is both shocking and uplifting and a must read for anyone who has battled dependency or has loved someone who has.

My Last Rock Bottom can be purchased from Amazon or http://www.wordbranch.com/my-last-rock-bottom.html in both paperback and e-book editions.

Word Branch is an independent publishing company located in the heart of Appalachia. WBP represents talented new and emerging authors who need a venue to make their voices heard. Word Branch offer unique titles in both paperback and e-books in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and new age. http//wordbranch.com

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