Fast Office Furniture Launches a New Range of Office Screen Partitions Called 'Space System' Screens

Released on: December 04, 2013, 1:38 pm
Industry: Small Business

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Fast Office Furniture is an Australian company that supplies a range of new office furniture online. They are known for their quality products and extremely fast delivery throughout Australia. They guarantee first class service to all their clients, who can rest assured that they will get value for money. The company has been amongst the finalists in the Telstra Australian Business Awards, so customers can have peace of mind knowing that this is an accredited company! Fast Office Furniture can be relied upon to supply great quality office furniture, whether it is an office desk, chairs, shelves, storage units or tables.

The New 'Space System' Screens and Their Advantages

Office partition systems are perfect for creating privacy when there is a specific workspace that needs to be partially separated from adjacent work areas. They ensure team members have some privacy and also prevent unnecessary distractions – both visual and auditory. Naturally this will allow workers to better concentrate on the task at hand and will increase their efficiency.

Fast Office Furniture has launched a new range of office screen partitions called 'Space System' screens. They are designed to not only provide a quick and efficient solution by providing privacy for office workers, but also create an impressive appearance for all clients, and enhance the business environment.

The materials, used for manufacturing these new office screens dividers and office desks are durable and come with a 5-year warranty. The manufacturer guarantees that you will use this office furniture for many years to come and it will still maintain the same new look.

The attractive and modern furniture effectively imparts a pleasing environment for office workers and also creates a smart and impressive aspect for guests and visitors. These office partitions are a choice of a great number of companies around Australia.

Four way workstation clusters with express desk mounted screens and axis workstations are extremely efficient and are only one example of this versatile range of furniture that can easily be positioned in any location to guarantee privacy and efficiency. The company offers a great variety of office screens and partition designs.

The company offers Space System desks in two colours, Parchment, or off-white, and recently launching the ‘Beech’ range to this style of furniture.

Clients, who have a unique style of furniture in mind to fit their office setting, can contact the company for custom projects and a quick quotation. Fast Office Furniture works with clients based anywhere in Australia.


Whether clients need a simple office desk for their homes, or more sophisticated and fashionable tables and furniture for their newly opened company office, they will find it at Fast Office Furniture. The company team of experienced professionals is ready to assist customers to fulfill all their office furniture needs, super-fast!

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