Sana Securities Launches an Online Finance Education Magazine

Released on: January 14, 2014, 12:11 pm
Industry: Financial

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- For present-day investors who are sharp, savy and well informed, the newest solution to hit the market is in the form of an online research based magazine. For years, the domain of financial advisory was controlled by big fund houses and brokerage companies. Internet has leveled the playing field to highlight how high quality advice is often found away from the crowd.

Sana Securities, a two year old financial advisory firm today launched an online finance magazine with focus on research and financial education keeping equity advisory at the core. We spoke to the founder, Rajat Sharma, a long time long term investor who had this to say We are just about coming out of one of the longest periods of slowdown in recent times in the financial markets. While over the past few months, the environment has surely started improving with retail participants coming back to equities, this interest is largely, and interestingly attributable to investors who had seen the 2008 stock market crash. There are scores of investors today who no longer invest based on rumors or the so called stock tips' and in fact rely on well researched advice. We launched Open Interest, our online finance magazine to cater to such investors.

The firm has so far stayed away from the media glare and the mainstream advisory firms. Over the last few months however, it has gained recognition for being the first in issuing buy calls on companies like Firstsource solutions, Himatsingka Seide, Delta Corp and the Indian Hotels Company Limited. This has led to a steady growth in the number of subscribers for the firm. As per Mr. Sharma, To be honest, the number of paid subscribers vs. those who have subscribed to our free services is an interesting aspect for us. In the last 3-4 months in particular, we have seen a dramatic rise in the  number of subscribers to our free online newsletter. Most of the subscribers regularly write in to us with their queries and often with their own views. Their observations has further strengthened my view that bull markets, really grow on skepticism. Advisory firms need to realize that a majority of investors in the present market value interaction and are able to comprehend details. I am in no doubt that firms like ours who share deep research will continue to attract investor interest. 

With equity markets generating increasing interest amongst retail investors there is a corresponding rise in the demand for advisory services. Investors no longer rely on brokerage reports and are looking at independent firms to get investment advice. Careful investors are taking the equity route to beat inflation and generate above average returns. However, it is important to be cautious in these markets and back your investing decisions with sound research.

About Sana Securities
Sana Securities, is a financial advisory firm based in New Delhi. The investment committee is made up of long term investors who have a consolidated experience of more than 75 years in the Indian stock markets.

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