A Life of energy launching its biggest events of yoga Pilates teacher training programs

Released on: February 19, 2014, 6:52 am (EST)
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-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Fitness plays a key role in identifying a person's lifestyle and attitude towards life. Undoubtedly, most of us these days fail to adhere by the basic fitness regime and end up looking nothing but an utterly unhealthy freak. With strenuous working hours, no one could afford to invest time in exercising. Keeping in mind the plight of work alcoholics, Life of Energy has launched its over the top Yoga & Pilates training programs.

Life of Energy is a Dubai based fitness institute that deals with procedures and regimes aiming at maximum growth and health maintenance. The aim is to present a picture that revolves around quality of life. For many, it is all about discovering a healthy living via a regime that channels your soul and body. Life of Energy is about searching and eliminating the factors that prevent one from living the highest quality of life.

Keeping in mind, the beauty of life circle and how the same has been hampered a bit, one could easily identify the differences life has brought along. Owing to the stress and schedule, our body has forgot how to move it the way it is supposed to be. Despite much movement, people have acquired chronic pain issues and seek corrective surgery for same.

At Life of Energy, the overall goal is to identify the hidden compensations and to help body inculcating proper movement. With their efficient and fully tested private yoga classes Dubai, they present results such as more muscular energy, significant reduction in chronic pain and an enhanced ability to participate in physical activities.

Some of the prominent training programs they provide are Pre & Post natal fitness, cardio pilates, Yin yoga, small apparatus, pilates matwork, restorative yoga, Iyengar yoga, Hatha yoga, Yogalates, vinyasa yoga and corporate yoga. Termed as the best yoga retreats in Dubai, these classes, all the fitness classes provided here are highly effective, safe and encourage workouts that are specially designed to suit your body frame and stamina.

About the Company:
A Life of Energy is an initiative co- founded by Caroline. With the zeal and passion for improved life and the pursuit of wellbeing, Caroline initiated her own health discovery in Australia once she completed a Bachelor of Medical Science with majors in Anatomy and Physiology. This is when she enrolled in Pilates training program and developed an unconventional love for yoga and pilates. While in Dubai, Caroline emphasizes and dedicates her entire energy on Pilates teacher training courses conducted within the Middle East Region.

Level 14, Boulevard Plaza Tower 1 Emaar Boulevard, Downtown Dubai, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 334155.


Contact-Details: +971556930529

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