Digital Marketing Company Launches SEO Packages to Deal with the Latest Google Panda and Penguin SEO Services, Marctiv

Released on: March 03, 2014, 1:49 pm (EST)
Industry: Advertising

Bangalore, Karnataka, India,-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Marctiv, a digital marketing company, now offers new SEO packages to cope with the latest Panda and Penguin updates. The package is developed in accordance with the latest requirement of Google –giving vast importance for informative, well researched and distinctive content on reputed platforms. These plans are developed by core panel of experts that focus on keyword research, analysis, quality content, proper page navigation, quality back links and the like.

The SEO manager from Marctiv said, “Our new Google Panda and Penguin packages are a mishmash of strong SEO, SMO and ORM services. Our core squad of SEO experts has carefully negotiated Panda and Penguin updates. Panda is about a good user experience and Penguin is about web spam & Over Optimization. Our Team has worked hard to comprehend the concepts and difference between Panda and Penguin updates. While Panda attacks low eminence content websites, Penguin looks for spamming & over-optimization. Our package focuses on creating and sending good quality content to highly reputed social media and popular social profile websites.

The new Google algorithm now changed the manner in which it makes use of content for SEO. It looks for the high quality, informative and unique / fresh content to be distributed in the right places. So, the more fresh and unique content -the more benefits your website enjoys. New Marctiv packages are based on these facts of life, and offer numerous services in this regard. These Google Panda and Penguin compatible SEO services include creating high value content, avoiding keyword stuffing, building high quality back links, optimizing for multiple keyword phrases, niche-oriented resource pages, removing duplicate content, careful external linking and much more.”

“Being in this field for several years, we have gained extensive knowledge of our jobs in the midst of an ever changing SEO environment. We feel confident of our abilities to take up new challenges and optimize Websites as per the new Google algorithms (Panda and Penguin). Besides, we also feel a responsibility to give our clients the most updated & latest SEO services to deal with any new necessities when it comes to endorsement, promotion and health of their websites. This package is specially designed in the wake of our promise to spawn much desired deliverables and uphold the renowned high standard of our services. Our team is always prepared to help & satisfy the client’s needs.” please visit

Riya Bronze

Marketing Manager


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