Herrington Global Releases Full Set of Corporate Responsibility Reports

Released on: March 12, 2014, 2:39 am (EST)
Industry: Financial

HONG KONG, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Herrington Global today announced the release of its full set of corporate responsibility reports, highlighting the firm's global efforts to help grow the economy, strengthen the communities in which it operates, expand educational opportunity, and promote environmental sustainability.

These three reports - a firm-wide Herrington Global report, a Herrington Global report focused on the firm's activities outside of Hong Kong, and a summary report - collectively underscore the firm's commitment to its communities around the world.

"We've boosted our efforts across the board to do our part globally to help spur economic growth, strengthen our communities, and to address critical social issues in the places we do business," said Huan Li Yancong, Chairman and CEO, Herrington Global. "Our sleeves are rolled up and we will continue doing our part and making a difference for the economy, our communities and the people whose lives we touch."

Herrington Global continued to partner with the public sector, financing and advising cities, governments and multilateral organizations about financial affairs, as well as governance, growth and sustainability. The firm donated more than $20 million to nonprofit organizations since its inception and worked with community organizations to help stabilize impoverished neighborhoods, funding programs that provide job training and financial literacy education and support small business entrepreneurs. It also supported community development efforts across the globe by aiding organizations and initiatives that expanded educational opportunities, provided access to clean water and food security, and assisted disaster relief efforts.

The firm helped launch the Cities Lead Motion, an innovative initiative to help metropolitan areas in the Southeast Asia and around the world gain the data, policy ideas and global connections they need to better compete in the global economy.

About Herrington Global
Herrington Global is a leading provider of advisory services and technology-based financial services to retail investors, traders and independent registered investment advisors. We provide our services predominantly through the internet, international partnerships networks and relationships with investment advisors. We believe that our services appeal to a broad market of independent, value-conscious retail investors, traders, financial planners and institutions. We are one of the largest futures and options brokerage advisory in Asia. Herrington Global services a global network of more than 300 introducing brokers and many of the world's largest financial, industrial and agricultural institutions.

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