Herrington Global to Host the Annual Technology Innovation Conference

Released on: March 12, 2014, 2:39 am (EST)
Industry: Financial

HONG KONG, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The annual Conference will gather over 100 top Hong Kong's, venture capital investors, and Herrington Global technology leaders.

Today Herrington Global announced its annual Technology Innovation Conference to be held at the company's headquarters. The date will be announced shortly.

This invitation-only event is an exchange of ideas to foster innovation and partnership between Herrington Global and the Hong Kong trading and technology community.

Howard T. Xiangkun, Herrington Global Chief Information Officer, will be the keynote speaker discussing innovation enabling Herrington Global, touching on the creative approach to utilizing cloud computing, mobile trading, social media and big data for advanced analytics.

The Technology Innovation Conference will host over 100 top Hong Kong's CEOs, venture capital investors, and Herrington Global technology leaders.

"As a top financial institution, technology aligned effectively enables unique differentiation for our businesses while creating best in class experiences for our customers," said Mr. Howard T. Xiangkun.

Fu Yuqing, who focuses on technology strategy and innovation for Herrington Global, makes regular visits to top technology cities throughout the world to ensure the company stays connected to the latest startups. Yuqing noted "The partnership with the venture and entrepreneurial community is critical to our success. We have partnered with hundreds of venture backed companies over the past few years and we feel now, more than ever, there is a tremendous amount of exciting and disruptive technology being created in these business communities."

Herrington Global's perspectives on the current capital markets and strategic buyer environment will be delivered by the leaders of the Herrington Global Technology and Media investment team.

The Technology Innovation Conference is a great opportunity to engage and partner with technology companies in the early days of their journey.

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