Nice Gems Launches Online Gemstones,pearls and Blue sappires Online Shopping Store in India

Released on: March 04, 2014, 4:06 m (EST)
Industry: Small Business

Jammu, Jammu And Kashmir, India, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Nice Gems Launches Online Gemstones,pearls and bluesappires Shopping Store in India for the ease of customers and shipping of the pearls, gemstones at no extra cost

When interviewed Ajay Verma , Director of Nice Gems , he replied : "We have looked everywhere we could and have done everything we can to reach our customers at any part of the world by providing them online shopping experience at our website".Nice Gems is India`s largest growing Gem company creating its presence across India and Abroad . The Managing Director Mr.Ajay Verma himself holds 18 yrs of experience in this field since 1987. It is a Jammu based organisation managing well to place itself in the list of Global players.

About online shopping he explained that gemstones Online shopping has become a popular trend. People have been enjoying the convenience of having their order shipped right to their doorsteps with 100 % guaranteed and certified products that too with 30 days of money back guarantee and this is the reason why nice gems joined internet market so as to reach a larger amount of customers around the globe.Now the customers don't have to worry about visiting any store,instead they can sit at home and order online.

Nice Gems has satisfied customers around the globe and has never got any negative feedback because Nice Gems believe in selling the product with a pure vision comprising of quality and customer satisfaction for which there is no compromise

Nice Gems's gemstones and bluesapphire online showroom consists of gemstones like Gomedhaka or hessonite which is a variety of grossular garnet. It has good lustre and looks transparent. The color is brownish-orange and is often called cinnamon stone. These gems are often given step or mixed cuts. Hessonite garnets are found especially in Sri Lanka. Gomedhaka or Hessonite Garnet represents Rahu, the ascending node of the moon. It's natural significations include worldly desires, worldly benefits, laziness, gratification, and ignorance. It is by nature unpredictable and creates sudden changes and influences, rigidity and passion. It is similar to Sani or Saturn in its nature and influence. Traditionally, rahu is known as the head of the dragon. In the human physiology, rahu corresponds to the head of the caudate. The caudate is involved in the control of the saccadic eye movements (the abrupt short shifts of focus in the eyes). The caudate influences memory in relation to orientation in space. The caudate is responsible for our ability to change behavior patterns

Contact-Details: Ajay Verma
Nice Gems Complex Building No. 349, Dhakki Sarajan, Peer Mitha

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