Life is Nutz Establishes Profit4Charity -- Exciting new apparel and accessories to help charities assist those less fortunate

Released on: April 25, 2014, 2:15 pm (EDT)
Industry: Apparel & Fashion

Shrewsbury, MA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Life is Nutz® has a unique business model. Profit4Charity™ (P4C™) is designed to assist charities that help those in need.

Created by Life is Nutz, P4C helps defray the costs associated with operating a charitable organization, such as a non-profit or 501c3, which in turn help those less fortunate. Life is Nutz’s goal is to develop and expand a highly profitable lifestyle apparel and accessory company, facilitating those organizations’ financial needs by helping them meet their goals.

“We want people to know they are helping multiple charities with each purchase”, stated Bill Beers, CEO and President. “So, for each product purchased, 10% of our gross annual profit, not our net profitability, will be distributed evenly to the charities currently enrolled.”

For example, If Life is Nutz has a gross profit of $180,000,000 in 2015, then 10% or
$18,000,000 goes to our selected charities.

Other companies might give 10% of their net profits, minus all company expenses, Christmas bonuses, travel expenses, salaries and overhead costs. In some cases, corporations even have their own 501c3 registered, which dilutes the 10% even more when it’s finally given to a charity.

So the other company would most likely claim less than half the $180,000.000 as net profit, and probably closer to ¼ the actual figure. This means it would take others approximately 4 times the amount of time to give money to charity as it does Life is Nutz.

Life is Nutz is just one of our registered trademarks that we feel will resonate with an unparalleled number of consumers. The apparel will be available soon in most major retailers, worldwide. The P4C business model will propel us in the market and allow us to lead by example, so other companies, of all sizes, can replicate our efforts.

Once we have helped our current organizations that focus on addiction, homelessness, and public safety get back on their feet, new charities needing our assistance will be targeted. Right now, Life is Nutz is looking for a 501c3 Autism group to partner with. As our organization grows, our goal remains the same: Help those who need it!

Our mission is to help others, along with ourselves, not after ourselves. No matter what the situation is, life can be nutz!

Contact-Details: Sue Nai

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