Print Arena to Introduce Additional Capital for The Launch of New Services

Released on: April 29, 2014, 5:02 am (EDT)
Industry: Marketing

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Singapore, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The Company with an experience of over 25 years and running for three generations in the print industry, Print Arena Pte Ltd is again in the news due to the recent announcement made by it. This time the company has headlined the news by revealing that they are all set to introduce more capital into their business of printing services in Singapore. Print Arena currently works on a large scale in Singapore and is intended to set even higher standards by diversifying its services.

It is expected that with the additional capital being brought into their business of providing printing services in Singapore, the company will almost double its annual turnover. The scale at which they are currently employed is restricted to specific services only and hence, no significant growth had taken place in the recent past. Even though Print Arena was the first few to introduce flyer distribution in Singapore along with the services of flyer printing in Singapore, the company has captured the most part of the market over the years. The new services include the utilization of additional capital in the form of better quality machines, immediate express delivery of the products ordered, enlargement of the distribution network, and inclusion of new and creative ideas into their portfolio.

However, it has been reported that there are plans for Print Arena to launch new services any time soon. With this growth strategy, their current printing services in Singapore will continue to be delivered at a much higher pace. As regards their current popularity, the customers have quite nice things to say about the company.

Presently, Print Arena’s network for flyer distribution in Singapore covers large cities, such as Ah Soo Garden, and smaller towns too. This means that the company has covered almost entire Singapore, within the reach of their services. This time Print Arena will be focusing more on faster delivery and will try to reach the areas they have not been able to cover till now.

As revealed by the sources, Print Arena has not listed any services, specifically, apart from faster delivery and those mentioned above, but the plan is to undertake an overall leap. The giant in the industry of printing services in Singapore is currently researching on the most advantageous cities in Singapore, that have further business opportunities. From a small printing shop in Sunshine Plaza, where Print Arena undertook the digital printing of posters, name cards, label stickers, tickets, brochures, postcards, T-shirts and much more – to an offset printing press, at a 4,000 sq ft factory in Lower Delta Road, this company has come a long way in the printing industry.

It is also expected that Print Arena will make use of better technology within this growth program. This means that along with introducing new services, the focus is also on improving the current services. The company that began with the ordinary business of flyer printing in Singapore has now gone ahead to provide fancy services like the brochure printing in Singapore only. This company is also better known as the one that revolutionized postcard printing in Singapore. Considering all this, Print Arena has become a major market threat to other companies in the same business.

Sources reveal that along with this growth program, Print Arena is also focusing on their expansion strategy. This might begin with their establishment in Malaysia. However, rumors say that this might be Print Arena’s strategy to increase their earnings, but the main motive of the company as told by them is to reduce their operating costs so that they can further provide cheaper flyer printing services in Singapore.

Reports have shown in the recent past that big companies are always more convenient in working their way. Print Arena has done away with this myth by releasing an important platform online that welcomes artwork and suggestions from viewers. This is believed to be another marketing strategy of the company that might work wonderfully for them.

With the launch of this recent announcement by the company, it is believed that the competitors would also be on their toes to compete with the rise of Print Arena. Prior to this, there were rumors that Print Arena is going to lower its scale of working. But the latest declaration by the company has clearly done away with all such rumors.

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Print Arena Pte Ltd.
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