Singapore Math® seminars in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut, summer 2014

Released on: April 24, 2014, 4:32 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

-- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Internationally renowned Singapore Math and Lesson Study experts, Bill Jackson, Makoto Yoshida, Jen Shouffler and other senior consultants at East West Math LLC will conduct a series of seminars in the tri-state area in the Summer 2014.

Teachers and administrators will gain an in-depth understanding of the best Singapore Math strategies; learn how to incorporate them in their classrooms and into their existing curricula. Many of these proven, result-oriented and time-tested techniques, such as Bar Modeling were also incorporated into the Common Core Standards in Mathematics.

Teachers will benefit from learning and practicing Singapore Math innovative model- drawing techniques. A step-by-step approach to bar modeling will enable teachers to easily represent and solve multi-step word problems with the help of the part-whole, comparison and before and after models.

Teachers will also benefit from learning and practicing engaging strategies for building fact fluency with fun games, understanding number bonds, solving situation problems, and developing addition, subtraction and multiplication fluency. Special attention will be given to a discussion of creating positive learning experiences for students.

The seminars are designed not only to show the Singapore Math strategies but also to explain the rationale behind them and their relationship to the Common Core Standards for mathematical practices and the relationship to the content in each related domain.

Singapore Math philosophy, with its focus on a few key concepts to achieve a deep level of mathematical understanding, is essentially the same as it is in the Common Core State Standards. All key features of the Singapore Math program, which include Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract, model drawing, teaching and learning to mastery, balanced progression and metacognition will be explained.

Jerome Bruner’s constructivist’s research, which forms the foundation for the Singapore Math pedagogy will be discussed. This approach enables students to encounter math in a meaningful way and it also enables students to translate mathematical skills from the concrete to the abstract. It allows students to understand mathematical concepts before learning the procedures.

Teachers will benefit from a variety of examples from Singapore Math, which will also explain Common Core’s ideas of the number sense development for students in elementary school. Specific topics will cover cardinality of a number, addition and subtraction strategies with and without re-grouping, composition and decomposition of numbers, “making and breaking 10,” structure of numbers and calculation strategies. In addition, problem situations that involve addition and subtraction as discussed in the Common Core State Standards will be shown.

The New York Times recently published its comments after observing one of our founder and presenter’s demo lessons: “WHOEVER coined that caustic aphorism [Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. And those who can’t teach, teach teaching] should have been in a Harlem classroom last week where Bill Jackson was demonstrating an exception to the rule.”

East West Math LLC specializes in the Singapore Math® and Lesson Study professional development services. East West Math LLC ‘s team of experts provides a high quality professional development in Primary Mathematics, Math in Focus, Japanese mathematics and the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics to many schools and districts in the tri-state area and across the United States.

Suggested audience: K-5 teachers, special education teachers, administrators and math specialists.
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Contact-Details: Greg Soldatenko

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