hires homeless as models to launch finance bootcamp

Released on: May 02, 2014, 3:49 pm (EDT)
Industry: Financial

San Francisco, CA, -- /EPR NETWORK/ --, an online website that teaches finance basics, just launched its 90 Day Finance Bootcamp. The company decided to take a creative approach to marketing by hiring the homeless from Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.

The campaign, named beautiful homeless (#beautifulhomeless), is shared on the company's social media outlets from Instagram to Twitter.

"We intentionally recruited homeless people because they best represent our target audience, people who wish they had learned about finance education," said founder Rayfil Wong.

Wong noted that he wants to follow his savings principles as the founder and mentioned that the homeless also served as convenient and affordable models.

Although he does admit it was challenging finding a pair of homeless that wanted to be on camera.
The photos were shot at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco and the models were paid for their time and were given clothing.

According to a Forbes articles, the total amount of college debt is now 1.2 trillion dollars. ( delivers finance education across all mobile platforms aiming to target the fifty eight percent of Americans that own a smartphone. (source: Comscore)

Wong's inspiration for helping young people about financial literary stems from his personal story. Wong's father said one day while he was in elementary school, "we don't have money. I need to leave USA and go back to China for work." Wong hugged him and cried and because of this incident vowed to learn about savings and investing well. is a website that offers viewers discounts with affiliate partners such as StateFarm and H&R Block. Rayfil Wong has an economics degree from University of California, Berkeley and has been working in the education industry with University of California Berkeley and DeVry University.

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Rayfil Wong has been in the education field working for his alumni UC Berkeley and DeVry University Professorsavings-Teaching Finance Basics. His combined experience working in the education field and in technology (application developer)) has helped him launch

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