The Bully Squad: Empowering, Funny and Heart-Warming New Graphic Novel Depicts Young Boy’s Triumph Over Bullying

Released on: May 09, 2014, 4:09 am (EDT)
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Written by C.K. Simms, "The Bully Squad" whisks readers in to young Timothy Hobbs’ less than happy school life as he deals with bullies and being a loner. In an attempt to eradicate bullying at his school forever he develops a plan and enlists other like-minder children to help him assemble the first ever “Bully Squad. Will it be enough to rid his school of bullying forever?

Barrie, Canada, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- While it can throw a normal bully for a loop or often increase a bully’s intensity, standing up to a bully is unfortunately, usually the only way to stop one. What happens when you’re a fraction of the size of your aggressor? How do you stand up to someone who is bigger than you? Stronger than you? More popular than you? Taking a stand against bullying can often be a daunting and detrimental task.

However, in a gripping new novel from C.K. Simms, one young boy’s breaking point is the beginning of a unified strike against bullying. With being fed-up, paired with a new found courage he assembles a team of other bullied children and begins making strides in his movement. The Bully Squad is tested, even threatened but through it all they stay strong and pass some pretty impressive milestones together as a team. The Bully Squad promises to deliver comedy, truths, tears and a non-violent approach to standing up against bullying within the schoolyard. A life changing book for any kid ages seven and up. A read both the parent and child can enjoy together. A new book that a parent can read with their child and laugh and cry together. The Bully Squad also touches on workplace bully and the other side of the coin. C.K. wanted to show that sometimes kids bully because that’s all they know.


Have you ever been bullied? Do you fear that your child has experienced bullying? The Bully Squad follows all-American eleven year old Timothy Hobbs’ and his journey through a life changing adventure. Timothy has been bullied for two years by the school's most notorious bully, Ron Jackson. Whether it's Ron making fun of Timothy's poop shaped birth-mark or flushing Timothy's head down the toilet, it has been a constant struggle. Everything seems to be in a state of dismay until Timothy decides he has finally had enough and takes matters in to his own hands. Between his above-average smarts and his knack for solving problems he decides to assemble a team of like-minded individuals to stand up against bullying at his school. More importantly, a team that can put a stop to Ron Jackson once and for all.

As the author explains, his book is chock-full of heart-warming, thought-provoking words from Timothy has he takes his journey and learns to see the bigger picture.

This book is an excellent read for children, young adults and adults alike. Anyone who has children should read this book and then read it to them.

In the meantime, ‘The Bully Squad’ is available now through all major retail platforms and through SmashWords where you can buy and download in any format to fit your devices or pc:

The Bully Squad will be released to paperback through Keis-Micur Press on May 15th 2014 and will be available for bookstores to purchase through the Ingram distribution channels.

If you are a member of an accredited Newspaper, News Channel or Media channel, Magazines, Talk-Show etc... you can email to request a few digital copy of The Bully Squad for review.

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About the Author:
C.K. Simms is a Canadian Writer who is celebrating the release of his second novel. He is currently prepping for a late fall 2014 release of his third novel.


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