Lyrba USA LLC introduces recycling of non-hazardous waste plastic products in USA and Mexico

Released on: June 13, 2014, 3:10 am (EDT)
Industry: Industrial

Woodlands, Texas, June 13, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Founded with vision of recycling plastics 100% green, Lyrba USA LLC has presented trading recycled plastic waste and recycling of waste or used plastics in Texas and in Mexico through its affiliate company, Lyrba Mexico. Using a non-hazardous waste as a raw material, the pet flakes manufacturer is able to produce myriads of plastic material available in different colors and size. The recycled plastic material comes in pellet forms that can be used by plastic ware manufacturers as extruding material. Such extruding material can be further made into plastic PET bottles, monobloc chairs, keyboards, plastic toys, disposable eating utensils, cups and electronic devices.

With the environment in mind, Lyrba USA LLC, also one of the most active of plastic waste suppliers in continental USA and Mexico has several technological parks in both countries. For instance, their manufacturing plant in Nuevo Leon, Mexico is ISO certified with certifications in the following plants or sites- ISO 14001:2004 Certificate (Perry Johnson R) Sites: ATRNP and ATRP, Silao, Toluca, San Luis Potosí and Ramos Arizpe.

ISO 9001:2008 Certificate (Perry Johnson R). C2009-00402 Site: Ramos Arizpe
Further, Functioning License by Instituto Nacional de Ecología. 05-027/025 & 05-027/026 and Register with Instituto Nacional de Reciclaje/INARE. 03399.

The plastic pellets suppliers company believes that recycling non-hazardous material is the way for caring earth’s ecology and reduction of oil, wood and water consumption, this will therefore, result in a sustainable environment, less carbon footprint and more economic benefits to consumers. Likewise, the company’s usage and manufacture of non-hazardous material makes plastic products non-toxic which is very important, since plastics are often made into spoons, forks or baby milk bottles.

Lyrba, is self reliant and produces its own pellets and pet flakes, thereby eliminating commercialization and reducing production costs. This translates into less priced plastic product and making it more affordable. Manufacturers that are self reliant do not depend on outside supplier and therefore they do not pass cost into consumers.

One of the leaders in recycled plastic products suppliers, Lyrba USA LLC has its offices in The Woodlands, TX and its affiliate company Lyrba Mexico, has offices and manufacturing plants in Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Silao, Toluca, San Luis Potosi.
Their products include a variety of PET and plastic pellets and flakes that are washed prior to their pelletization, namely HDPE blow multicolor, HDPE blow natural, crystal PET hot wash, PP multicolor injection, LDPE natural bag.

To learn more about the ecologically and non-hazardous plastic materials please refer to the information below:

Address: 9595 Six Pines Drive, Suite 8210. The Woodlands, Tx 77380
Phone: 832 631 6000
Fax: 832 631 6001
Cellphone: 832563-8403

Lyrba Mexico

Phone Number: (477) 718.36.27 , (477) 718.54.47

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