Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel Seeks INDIEGOGO Crowdsourcing to Fund America's First Undersea Luxury Hotel Prototype

Released on: June 25, 2014, 3:17 pm (EDT)
Industry: Travel

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel in Key West is using INDIEGOGO to fund its exciting prototype and, in return, offer spectacular perks to its INDIEGOGO supporters  as they usher in a new era in undersea eco-tourism, exploration, and conservation.

Key West, FL, June 25, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- For several years, crowdsourcing has funded many new, innovative projects. Tony Webb, Managing Director of Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, is diligently working to get funding through one of the top rated crowdfunding platforms on the Internet.  According to Catherine Clifford, senior writer for, Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Galactic and some of his associates have helped to provide INDIEGOGO with a massive infusion of operating capital. 

Webb says he would be ecstatic to see his steel prototype being trucked to the Key West test location for installation.  Webb is asking for $325,000 only and is providing high quality perks to his supporters.  Almost all of his perks give each supporter the opportunity to take an one-hour tour and, if there is a vacancy that night, the INDIEGOGO supporters will have a competitive opportunity to stay the night at America's first undersea luxury hotel. Full details can be found at the INDIEGOGO site.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel  (USPTO pat. pending) is designed to allow the ordinary person the ability to enjoy real tranquility, according to the hotel's website,  Plans for the underwater hotel include a custom-made elevator, twelve fabulous guest rooms (two of which will be American with Disabilities Act compliant), a plush lounge and dining area, and a once-in-a-lifetime view of marine life, according to Webb.

The prototype fabrication will take place, if Webb gets his funding, at one of the nation's leading above-ground and below-ground tank fabricators.  Thick sheets of acrylic will be added and pressure tested at an automated steel fabrication facility.  The prototype will then be trucked on a high visibility tour to Key West, Florida with a fun party and a parade down Key West's Duval Street. "There is always a reason for a party in Key West and this is a great reason," stated Webb.

Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is based in the beautiful Florida Keys.  The brain-child of the world's only space tourism organization dedicated to unique travel adventures for the everyday person - Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel now has a mission to provide a luxury underwater experience for our underwater guests and help establish a new source of funding for coral reef restoration.  The world's leading marine biologist desires to visit our location in August to swim our testing location.  Invest today at, go there now and get one step closer to the next chapter in undersea exploration/tourism. 

Media Contact
Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel
Tony Webb
(321) 266-4321
1200 4th Street, Suite # 160
Key West, FL, United States





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