Scientists of Tomsk State University and «Diagnostics+» developed unique device which helps to resuscitate people

Released on: June 05, 2014, 5:34 am (EDT)
Industry: Education

Tomsk, Russia, -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Tomsk State University in collaboration with «Diagnostics+» company at the commission of Emergency Control Ministry of Russia developed the device which will save people’s lives in emergency situations. The device is fixed to injured person’s neck; then it quickly evaluates his state of health and gives account of all procedures which are necessary for proper emergency medical treatment.

The device evaluates large number of indicators, for example, if a person still breaths and his heart beats, nature of injuries, if they are reversible or nonreversible, - one of developers of the device, Head of Quality Management Department of Innovation Technologies Faculty of TSU, Professor Vladimir Syryamkin explains to us. – In some circumstances injured must not be turned. In this case our device will inform about such state in due time. If a person still can be resuscitated the device will show on monitor procedures which rescuer should follow.

During resuscitation procedures the device evaluates their efficiency. If rescuer’s actions are insufficient or wrong the device will show how to correct them. It should be noted that such devices are useful not only for rescuers. They would be of service to military doctors and to those who work in civil conditions, for example, emergency physicians.

Tomsk scientists' invention combines pretty simple technical part and sophisticated software. Tomsk State University obtained three patents for this invention. Chest compression automatic control device for cardiopulmonary resuscitation was presented to senior officers of Emergency Control Ministry of Russia and received high appraisal. It is planned that such devices will be provided to regional subdivisions of Emergency Control Ministry of Russia. Joint production of devices for rescuers will be arranged by TSU and «Diagnostics+» in 2015.

Contact-Details: Tomsk State University, 529-604, email:

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