New Green Tech cuts cost of liquid transportation fuels, cuts oil imports by capturing industrial CO2 emissions

Released on: September 19, 2014, 8:28 am (EDT)
Industry: Energy

Palm City, Florida, September 19, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- MasseReaction Inc.’s World Patented ViPARTM technology (Vertically integrated Photo Array Reactor) cleans up electric power plant exhaust before it is dumped into the atmosphere.

ViPARTM is the first industrial scale algae carbon capture technology that is sustainable on both environmental and financial levels.

A 50-acre ViPARTM farm (installed at an average sized power plant) will capture over 3.2 million tons of CO2 per year; virtually all of the power plant emissions. The CO2, a key ingredient for photosynthesis, is provided to the algae. Energy is multiplied as the algae capture photons and synthesize them with the CO2 into stored oil and sugar. Energy is augmented by over 35%.

The ViPARTM algae are processed into 600 million gallons of Drop-In Renewable Diesel, Jet, and Ethanol fuels. Fuel sales provide the financial sustainability with a 45% ROI (return on investment). ViPARTM Drop In Renewable Fuels are cheaper than fossil based fuels.

Environmental sustainability comes from the ViPARtm system’s micro sized footprint, as an open pond system would require over 210 square miles for the same amount of carbon capture, and by the 90%+ elimination of coal and gas fired electric power plant emissions.

The ViPARtm is an algal photobioreactor that has achieved many world firsts such as: reactor tubes that touch each other; reactor tubes as the lighting elements; cold light transmission; complete reactor temperature control; vertical scalability; and the ability to operate anywhere from the tropics to the tundra.

Implemented across the U.S. fleet of power plants, foreign oil imports would be reduced by 75% and reduce total global carbon emissions by 16%.

“We Have the Technology,” says MasseReaction CEO Arthur Masse, “Now we will move the technology forward with Indiegogo Crowdfunding, as we look for a Strategic Partner.”

Contact-Details: Arthur WP Masse, CEO MasseReaction, Inc.
on 772-240-8745,
email at, or visit
MasseReaction, Inc.
P.O. Box 2585
Palm City, Florida 34991

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