Dominant Energy Efficient Window Manufacturer Announces New South Carolina Passive House

Released on: December 23, 2014, 3:26 pm (EST)
Industry: Construction

NY, NY, December 23, 2014 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Intus Windows, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient windows, says its products were used in construction of this south-eastern Climate Zone 3A home.

According to Aurimas Sabulis, managing director of Intus Windows (, a worldwide leader in the manufacture of high performance passive house compliant windows, David Bitter of Solera Studios out of Atlanta, Georgia, recently designed a Passive House that utilized Intus triple pane uPVC windows. The Passive House Consultant for the project, he says, was Jeff Dinkle of Eco Custom Homes.

“The home is located in South Carolina, which is located in a south-eastern Climate Zone 3A.,” explains Sabulis. “The homeowner is Deb Tucker and she is delighted in the way the home is performing and her energy costs are extremely low at around $58 per month. The standard for that area is several hundred dollars per month.”

Sabulis says that Passive House certified homes are built to the world’s most stringent energy standards. This can result in a reduction of annual heating and cooling energy consumption by an average of 80% to 90%.

“For this project, David Bitter used a program called ArchiCAD, which allowed him to model the Energy Recovery Ventilator to monitor both VOC and CO2 levels that are directly interfaced with the conditioned air ventilation requirements,” says Sabulis. “This approach provided excellent interior conditions and superior air quality, all of which are part of a Passive House design.”

He explains that the ventilation air for the home is filtered and the pollutants are removed prior to entering the home. In contrast, typical homes leak air through walls, windows and other areas, causing them to bring airborne contaminants into the home. Typical homes are also less energy efficient because of that air leakage.

According to Sabulis, contributing to the air quality of this South Carolina passive house are the Intus triple pane uPVC windows, which boast an Air Infiltration Rate of <0.03 cfm/ft². In addition to the air tightness of the Intus windows, he says that the windows have Ug Rating of 0.106, making them extremely energy efficient.

“The high SHGC of the south facing windows will warm the home during winter via the suns free solar heat gain. All of these factors contributed to making this home a passive house design,” he explains. “Combined with a very-talented designer, state of the art computer technology and utilizing Intus Windows, this South Carolina Passive House is a design that will bring energy efficiency and interior comfort to all of the homes occupants.”

Intus Windows ( is a pioneer in manufacturing and distributing super energy-efficient windows and doors in the United States. Driven by technology, innovation, and continuous progress Intus Windows energy-efficient windows, doors, and curtain walls lines will fit any commercial, residential or industrial application, and they are Passive House Certified and suitable. For the past 21 years the company has manufactured and installed more than 800,000 windows and doors all over the world, with main export markets in Scandinavia, Central and Eastern Europe. Today, with a manufacturing facility in Lithuania, Intus has entered into the super energy-efficient window market here in the United States. For more information, call 1-888-380-9940.

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