Christian Author/Preacher Raises Rukus in the South

Released on = May 9, 2005, 7:19 am

Press Release Author = Min. Denise Mosley /Publish America

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Something is shifting again and like the tsunami we didn't quite see it coming; the atmosphere is stirring, and the winds are blowing. Publish America announced on March 29 that it has acquired the rights to publish; Can I Go Beyond The Veil? By Auburn Denise Mosley.

Press Release Body = The winds that are blowing are the winds of change- and the winds are blowing through the church- the Baptist church no less; as a young Christian author, a native of Five Points, AL- now a resident of Auburn, AL comes on the scene to challenge the timeless argument of women and whether or not they should be permitted to preach in the Baptist Church. The Author will soon release her first book entitled, Can I Go Beyond The Veil? She gives a very practical account of her own personal experiences as a preacher of the gospel and how she feels God has moved to address the issue of women and their positions in the church and how the church seems to be contradicting itself and it's use of the scriptures that are used as a basis for women not to be permitted to preach.Eyebrows will raise, tempers will flare, as the words of the book challenge the very foundation that the Baptist Church was built on.

Publish America Executive Director Miranda Prather expressed confidence today that Mrs. Mosley's book will quickly resonate with an audience.

"Can I Go Beyond The Veil?" is a well written and crafted work of contemporary non-fiction that fits our specialty like a glove, she said. Publish America primarily publishes works by, for or about people who face a challenge in life, and who overcome it by turning stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We believe that Mrs. Mosley is a promising talent in this field.

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Denise Mosley (Author)
1108 District Court
Auburn, Al 36830
(334) 887-1324
(706) 634-4185

Miranda Prather (EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR) at

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