Truly Hollywood still going strong with Angelina Jolie, Britney Spears, Paula Abdul, Andre 3000, Black Eyed Peas and many more in most recent release.

Released on = May 16, 2005, 8:24 am

Press Release Author = Truly Hollwood

Industry = Entertainment

Press Release Summary = Paparazzi-free news source enjoys growing readership.

Press Release Body = Truly Hollywood, the online entertainment news source avidly supported by stars such as PAMELA ANDERSON for being paparazzi-free and non-invasive is still going strong. Since the recent debut of this publication many skeptics have expressed doubt that fans would abandoned the tabloids for a paparazzi-free news source. However, with increasing readership and growing support from members of the entertainment industry Truly Hollywood seems to be proving the skeptics wrong.

Truly Hollywood’s content is becoming increasing similar to the content of tabloids. This is being done while maintaining the mission of providing entertainment news free of gossip and hearsay.

The most recent release, which includes stories on BRITNEY SPEARS, ANDRE 3000, ANGELINA JOLIE, PAULA ABDUL, THE BLACK EYED PEAS and many others, proves to showcase the hottest celebrity news of the moment. Truly Hollywood keeps fans informed about the latest happenings in Hollywood, without leaving doubts about the validity of the content. Unfortunately, this is often not the case with other celebrity news sources.

Truly Hollywood was created to allow people the choice of reading entertainment news that is actually supported by the subjects of the articles. Readers can rest assured that the featured celebrities were not harassed or mistreated in order to obtain the content or photographs for the articles. Much too often celebrities are forced into very dangerous situations with the paparazzi. For this reason Truly Hollywood hopes to create a new media environment, one that keeps paparazzi “out of the picture.”

Truly Hollywood is available to view free of charge at Hollywood is actively seeking interviews from all within the entertainment
industry, not only those who are paparazzi targets. The below contact information can be used to inquire for possible interviews, to send press releases, or for
information on advertising with Truly Hollywood.

Matthew Steffen
Fax: (425) 491-5999


Web Site =

Contact Details = Matthew Steffen
Fax: (425) 491-5999

24255 Pacific Coast Highway
Suite 2941
Malibu, CA 90263

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