Aviation Conference 2015 Abu Dhabi to Provide Insight on Future of Aviation Industry

Released on: May 28, 2015, 10:23 am (EDT)
Industry: Aerospace

Abu Dhabi, May 28, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- The aviation conference 2015 is being held to address the current and future trends of the aviation sector. Apart from that, the advanced fuel efficiency technologies that can meet today’s as well as future ecological standards will also be discussed in the conference.

By organizing this meet on the 20th and 21st of October 2015, to discuss about the growing environment concerns across the globe, the aviation sector has decided to take the bulls by its horn. Since the degrading eco-system is a cause of concern everywhere on the planet, aviation sector is planning to hold fort to help in crabbing the carbon emissions by introducing more eco-friendly fuel.

Also, there will be discussions on the strategies to sort out the issues faced by the industries including economic benefits of the airlines, rising air traffic, etc. After the recent airplane crashes, it is believed that the topic will be raised and there will be discussions about enhancing the safety in the aviation sector. Some of the prominent speakers are going to address the meet and share their views on how the airlines can benefit with promotion of bio fuels that are environment friendly.

It will be challenging to switch from the conventional aviation fuel, which is currently used in aircrafts around the globe to bio fuels and the conference is going to discuss about its implementation, while maintaining the efficiency as well as safety of the aircrafts and passengers.

When asked about the conference to the organizers, this is what their spokesperson said, “It has become imperative to take steps against the growing effects of human development on the nature. Aviation field has decided to look for ways to achieve it by promoting bio fuels. It is a fantastic opportunity for oil companies across the globe as well as manufacturers and airlines to show the path of change.”
If you want to attend the conference and listen to the views of eminent personalities, then register to confirm your participation by visiting http://afccbh.net/reg.php. Further information regarding the conference is available at http://afccbh.net/.

About Aviation & Jet Fuel Safety Conference
The Aviation Conference 2015 will take place in Abu Dhabi to discuss the various challenges prevalent in the aviation industry. The meet will address jet fuel issues, along with safety concerns that have recently been a big cause of concern. Also, the ways to make airlines earn more profit with the new technologically advanced parts and bio fuels will be talked about in the meet. This conference invites regional as well as international aircraft & engine manufacturers, oil companies along with international aviation service providers to do business together.

Contact-Details: Phone: 00973 17 259 623 or 00973 36 71 72 00
Fax: 00973 17259 603
E-mail: info@afccbh.net

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