Arman Emami talks about industrial design on Deutsche Telekom's M2M Factory Day

Released on: June 9, 2015, 2:57 am (EDT)
Industry: Financial

Berlin, Germany, June 9, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Arman Emami founder of EMAMIDESIGN, talks about the meaning of industrial design at Deutsche Telekom"s 6th M2M Factory Day. The Machine-to-Machine-Solution (M2M) fundamentally changes and simplifies our life.
In his speech Emami talk about three main emphasis:
- the role of industrial design in the M2M development and M2M Community network
- Usability and M2M
- Interface design and the M2M network, what is it to consider?

By machines sharing information (vehicles, computer, electric meter, alarm system etc.), driving a car gets safer, packages arrive more punctual and electricity can be used more efficient.

On May 7th Deutsche Telekom organized the 6th M2M Factory Day under the motto "Creating success with M2M". The event took place at Red Dot Design Museum Essen.

The M2M factory day took a clear reference to its location and set forth, how important the factor "design" really is for the success of innovative product solutions. Experts discussed about joint M2M solutions and inspiring product ideas.

Arman Emami, founder of EMAMIDESIGN, talked in his speech about the significance of esthetics in purchase decisions - "in the end, the visual sense plays a role", so the designer. But there is more to industrial design than that. A tough global competition, environmental aspects and growing scarcity of resources are demanding reorientation from today"s industrial design. Away from just considering the outside look to holistic design.

Emami says, that intelligent product design offers a wide range of competitive advantages; this can only be achieved with a strategy that considers functionality, marketing aspects and production expenses equally.

"Only if there exits harmony between esthetic, function, innovation and economy, a brand can act successfully", says Arman Emami.

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