Milestone Systems Set Sails for Nautical Markets with Partner Last Mile Communications AS at the Helm

Released on: June 02, 2015, 1:09 pm (EDT)
Industry: Software

A new initiative lead by the Milestone partner Last Mile Communication AS aims to fit ships and drilling rigs with advanced video systems based on Milestone XProtect. The concept for video enabling vessels and rig is called Maritime Vision System, and will enable naval vessels to be not only more safe but also get all the advantages of open platform technology

COPENHAGEN, June 02, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Milestone Systems, the open platform company in IP video management software (VMS) is today highlighting the initiative lead by Last Mile Communication.

Together with the Norwegian naval service provider Westcon Power and Automation AS the Milestone partner is able to deliver an end-to-end video solution based on Milestone XProtect open platform technology for use in the harsh nautical environment.
This is very much different from the land based solutions as all marine installations has to be able to withstand high levels of corrosion, vibrations, shock and extreme temperatures, while at the same time be highly resilient and provide non-stop operations.

The benefits of digital video in a naval context is numerous. There is the security aspect where video can be used to ensure the safety of crew on deck, using heavy machinery, performing maintenance or during emergencies. The video enabling of crane operations enables not only a higher level of safety but also enables the crane operator to operate faster and more precise as the video enable them to see where the load is being placed. Equipment can be monitored by thermal cameras to avoid overheating. Spills of oil or dangerous chemicals can easily be detected using video. Video analytics can be used to improve customer service at passenger vessels or improve safety using thermal cameras to detect objects in the water.

The old-fashioned analog solutions used in naval applications lacks the integration abilities the digital solutions provide. Using a digital open platform solution not only enables video analytics, remote operations and interconnected solutions, but also give the freedom to choose the right hardware for optimal performance in the demanding environment.

Last Mile Communications AS has based the solution on Milestone XProtect® Corporate enabling a highly flexible solution that can easily be adapted to fit the customers’ requirements. The solution consists of infrastructure components from Westermo and cameras from Siqura and Tecnovideo. The solution can also through encoders from Siqura control old legacy analogue cameras such as Hernis PTZ cameras.

“The Milestone open platform technology has be the key for designing the Marine Visual Systems solution, which is globally available now”, says CEO, Last Mile Communication AS, Erik Sandsdalen. “We have been able to design an extremely flexible and robust solution thanks to Milestone Systems, because we have been able to pick the optimal cameras and infrastructure. We will show case the solution at the trade show Nor-Shipping”

Milestone Systems has been actively supporting the Marine Visual Systems initiative from the very start.

“This is a fantastic example of the power and dynamics in the Milestone partner eco-system, enabling partners like Last Mile Communications to address new marked segments with the best available technology on the market – now and going forward.” Says Nordic Sales Manager, Milestone Systems, Lars Wilson. “We are convinced that video enabling the naval market will have very big potential”

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