Fitness Revolution Roswell Announces Launch of FIRST EVER Fittest You (Prove Your Fitness) Challenge

Released on: July 21, 2015, 10:51 am (EDT)
Industry: Sports

Roswell, Georgia, July 21, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- 30 Participants Ready to Begin 21-Day Challenge to Better Health and Fitness

Fitness Revolution Roswell has teamed up with The Closet Exchange to host a city-wide fitness challenge.

Over 30 participants from across the area will take part in a fitness contest to see who can score the highest on a select number of events that are sure to challenge even the fittest contestants. The male and female with the highest score will win $200 cash each, and the most improved of each gender will go home with $100.

Fitness Revolution Roswell’s coaches will combine intense metabolic training with targeted improvements in strength training to challenge participants to improve their fitness in the fastest time possible.

Andre Coman, Founder of Fitness Revolution Roswell says, “I’m all about people changing their lives for the better. Unfortunately, in the modern age there is an overload of information both good and bad available, so when people try to figure it out on their own, they are paralyzed by so many choices and fail even to take the first step.”

“Furthermore, we are making it as easy and transparent as possible to take that first step. We take out all the guesswork. Most people are driven by challenges, well we have decided to put up a big challenge for anyone interested in improving their fitness!”

The contestants will go through a rigorous and well-researched 21-day program consisting of strength, metabolic, and mobility training 3 days per week. Over the past 3 years at Fitness Revolution Roswell, this challenging training regimen has proven its merit for effecting permanent change.

“Many of our members have never looked or felt better, even as moms holding a full-time job,” explains Coman. “We truly believe that our system has been tested and tweaked to the point that it will produce some amazing results with this batch of motivated participants.”

Contestants will be taught to train smart and hard for the best return on their precious investment of time and money. The changes the participants will make in this 21 days will allow them to live long, active lives and help them achieve their fitness goals for years to come.

“This isn’t just a quick fix. We want to help people change their lives.”

Contact-Details: Andre’ Coman
Fitness Revolution Roswell
Phone (404) 287-2851
1575 Old Alabama Rd #105
Roswell, GA 30076

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