Green Alternative Systems (GAS) Announces Grand Opening for Natural Gas Fueling Station in Florida

Released on: July 30, 2015, 5:37 am (EDT)
Industry: Automotive

Chino, CA, July 30, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Fleet conversion to propane specialists Green Alternative Systems (GAS) has announced that Northeast Florida held a grand opening for the areas first public access compressed natural gas fueling outlet in Jacksonville. This is great news for fleet-based businesses in Florida that want to be assured that they will have access to natural gas stations after they have converted their vehicles from traditional fuel sources such as diesel and gasoline to propane of compressed natural gas. The new station is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and provides easy access for heavy duty trucks. It includes two dual hose dispensers, allowing two semitrailers to fuel at the same time, and features Trillium CNG’s proprietary fast-fill hydraulic intensifier compressor. The new station is located off Highway 1 near Instates 295 and 95.

CBI president and CEO Earl Benton said in a recent release, “This project is important not only to Jacksonville and our region, but also to the future of our economic viability and our goal of making Jacksonville the transportation and logistics hub of America.”

A number of businesses know the environmental and cost-saving benefits of fleet conversion to propane but many are not aware that choosing to convert to a cleaner burning fuel source has positive benefits to the American economy, including reducing the country’s dependency on foreign oil. In addition to strengthening the national economy there are also a number of advantages that benefit the business such as the growing number of government rebate programs in place that have been initiated to reimburse the cost of some or most of the conversions across entire fleets. This is one of the best ways to receive the benefits of a conversion at a significantly reduced rate and to work with the country to improve the environment, economy and environment while cutting the business’s costs.

Green Alternative Systems has many locations and every one of their service centers has staff members on-site that are ready to meet every client’s conversion kit and unique maintenance requirement. This is all approached with high standards in mind in terms of technical understanding and customer service. The company has recently shifted their focus to specialize in industrial CNG conversions to fulfill the demand of many vehicle-based businesses that want to switch to a cleaner burning fuel source.

Green Alternative Systems was established in 2006 to fulfill the market’s demand for industrial CNG conversions. The company has multiple locations across North America, making them the largest conversion enterprise in the nation. Their high quality conversion kits come with an extensive warranty that is one of the longest standing in the industry.

For more information and questions about fleet conversion to propane and Green Alternative Systems, contact the company directly.

Green Alternative Systems, Inc.
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For more information on alternative fuel options, including fleet conversion to propane visit,

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