TwistekCase announces crowfunding opportunities for new product

Released on: July 24, 2015, 9:19 am (EDT)
Industry: Small Business

Asheville, NC, July 24, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- We get it – wearable technology is in. However, even with the success of popular items, many people will not experience using it unless they are willing to spend $400 or more on the gadgets. That’s one reason the TwistekCase was created. This multi-purpose smart phone case allows users to wear their smartphone how they want and where they want while allowing them to do what they want.

Most smartphone users love the functions of their phone, but hate the inconvenience of keeping up with it and protecting it from dropping. With the TwistekCase, your phone is always protected and connected to you.

“Instead of trying to replace smartphones, we designed a case that lets you use the functionality, power and convenience of smartphones at all times – without detaching it from your body,” said Judi Bruns, TwistekCase co-founder.

TwistekCase is the most advanced wearable smartphone case. It is a lightweight case with a 360-degree rotating hinge and clip that lets you use your smartphone and all its functions whenever you need it. With more than 25 uses, TwistekCase users will be able to wear their technology without adding more to it.

“We realized that people need to be able to stay connected to their phones and take advantage of all the features it has,” said Dan Bruns, TwistekCase co-founder. “We didn’t want to buy more technology when the one we had was good enough. We just found a way to make it better.”

The inventors are now one step closer to solving these issues for smartphone users. On July 9, the TwistekCase Kickstarter campaign launched to raise funding for the smartcase. If the campaign reaches its goal before August 20, production of the TwistekCase can begin. The first TwistekCases are expected to arrive December 2015. See it in action at

Contact-Details: Krystal Hart
PO Box 642
Hinesville, GA 31310

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