AMG First Supplier To Carry All New TTP Pneumatic Torc Gun® Series Online

Released on: August 26, 2015, 8:15 am (EDT)
Industry: Industrial

Delray Beach, Florida, August 26, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- TORC, LLC today unveiled its all new line of Pneumatic Torque Wrenches, TTP Pneumatic Torc Gun® Series that will be available initially to select suppliers, and worldwide distribution by this fall.

These lightweight, durable, and American made industrial torque wrench tools provide quick, safe, and cost effective fastening for various applications that require controlled bolt tightening solutions.

“The TTP Pneumatic Torc Gun® by TORC gives us more options when a customer is asking for a controlled tensioning tools, but, does not need the foot pounds of a hydraulic bolt tensioner and torque wrench,” said Alan Gross, TORC’s leading independent manufacturer’s representative, and first online supplier to carry the TTP.

Despite a small size, these pneumatic torque wrench tools are robust enough to withstand the rugged industrial job site conditions presented to them.

TTP Pneumatic Torc Gun® Series are ideally suited for heavy duty applications with high levels of fastenings most commonly found within the mining, power generation and oil & gas industries, but, also offer soft noise and low vibration in-door tightening solutions for the aerospace and automotive industry.

A full range of tools provide up to 6,000 ft. lbs. (8,135 Nm) of torque.
Advantages of the TTP Pneumatic Torc Gun® Series

• Continuous rotation at high speed for consistent torque Ft./lbs output
• Minimal wear and extended uptime due to low friction planetary gearbox design
• Operating speeds much faster than TTX and TTZ hydraulic torque wrenches

• Low vibrations reduces fatigue.
• Ergonomic design reduces the risk of vibration related injuries
• Low noise air motor provides quiet, consistent performance for indoor and outdoor applications
• Controlled fastener tightening aids bolted jointed to ensure that critical industrial applications are properly fastened.
• Protecting against catastrophic damage and injury, which more commonly result from uncontrolled fastening methods.

Ease of Use
• Simple access to trigger handle for controlling tightening/loosening.
• Prevents bolt failure due to over-torqueing by stopping at a pre-selected air input pressure
• Available with or without Filter-Regulator-Lubricator (FRL)
• Provided with standard reaction arm; wide assortment of custom arms and accessories are available
• All pneumatic torque wrench tools are CE declared and are shipped complete with a calibration certificate

Reaction Arms
Access deep sockets and uniquely spaced bolts
• Standard Reaction Arm
• Straight Reaction Arm
• Extended Reaction Arm
• Double Straight Reaction Arm
• Blank Reaction Arm
• Sliding Reaction Arm: adjustable from 4" to 12" (10.2 cm to 30.5 cm) from center of spline
Nose Extensions
Access deep bolts
• 6”, 12” & 18” (15, 30 & 45cm)
Filter Regulator Lubricator (FRL)
Recommended for use with all TTP pneumatic torque wrenches. Provides clean, lubricated air and allows for air pressure adjustment.

Contact-Details: Alan Gross
AMG Bolting Solutions
(800) 709-2930

Brian Gershenoff
(408) 862-7426

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