Released on: September 14, 2015, 10:35 am (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Dubai, September 14, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- As a large, bustling city, Dubai has no shortage of anything. With plenty of options made available when looking for something, not all places offer the highest quality when it comes to their products and services. To be privy to customer service that is nothing short of exceptional requires quite a bit of city-wide combing. When it comes to filtering out dentists in Dubai, this concept is no different and there are a few things to keep in mind when making that decision.

Dubai Sky Clinic, is a well-renowned dental practice situated in a stunning city backdrop yet isolated enough for maximum privacy and comfort. They have a wide range of services that are provided by some of most highly-skilled and experienced dental practitioners. Although a fair number of dentists in Dubai also offer some of these services, what sets this clinic in particular apart, is the fact that they are able to provide immediate care for those with emergencies. What is more, the emergency ward is open for twelve hours from 9 am- 9pm.

Although it may be possible to find general dentists in Dubai, it is an entirely different story if you are looking for one that provides emergency services as these types of clinics are not as plentiful. If you are on holiday for instance, looking for a dental practice to alleviate your problem when you do not know much of the city can be a daunting task. Dubai Sky Clinic is easy to find and you are guaranteed of being treated for your ailment.

Aside from emergency services, Dubai Sky Clinic dominated the dental industry with its vast variety of services offered. Some of these include, aesthetic dentistry, preventative dentistry, surgery, implantology, periodontology, endodontics and temporomandibular treatment to name a few. Considering dentistry is a delicate field in that, should something happen to the tooth as a result of lack of experience, it will not exactly grow back so treatment needs to be careful and precise. Many dentists in Dubai claim excellent services but do not deliver. On the contrary, Dubai Sky Clinic has cemented their superior standing in the dental world.

Dr. Riewer has ensured that the doctors he has hired are well-versed in their respective areas. As dental care can be further sub-divided into work as a dental hygienist, orthodontist and general dentist for example, this means that those particular dentists are responsible for those areas. Most dentists in Dubai do not offer specialized care operating on more of a general scale.

‘At Dubai Sky Clinic, our goal remains the same which enables us to provide the best quality of service to the clients that depend on us and turn to us for help. As responsible dentists in Dubai, it is our duty to ensure that our knowledge is always in top-form along with ensuring we utilize the most updated equipment for the best results. It is my vision to see this clinic at the top as the leading dental provide in Dubai, and taking into account our record so far it is not very far off.’ – Dr. Riewer

Dubai Sky Clinic consists of modern day facilities in their rooms including screens to plug in your DVD or surf the net, and can be reached via a call to this number + 971 4 355 8808. They can also be found on the 21st Level of the Burjuman Business Tower if you would like to book a meeting with them first.

Contact-Details: Azam Hussain
+971 4 380 5077
Office No. 1 | Oasis Centre, Dubai

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