Instant Energy Boost Gets Easy With Pure American Ginseng Tea from Tuff Bear

Released on: September 8, 2015, 3:58 am (EDT)
Industry: Healthcare

Wausau, Wisconsin, September 8, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Tuff Bear has assured instant energy boost with its pure American Ginseng Tea by Green Gold Ginseng. It is a natural herbal tea made from 100 percent pure American ginseng roots grown in Wisconsin.

"If you are looking for a quality ginseng tea for your energy-kick every day, we have the best answer for you. Green Gold is a name of repute when it comes to leading names in the Wisconsin ginseng products and the latest release from the company is a true gold. It is a pure and potent herbal tea that is free from sugar, caffeine & preservatives," reports the manager from Tuff Bear.

Tuff Bear is a renowned name across health & care product retail scene in America, offering nutritional supplements, anti-aging skin care goodies and weight-loss supplements- added to Wisconsin ginseng products. The company has recently expanded its ginseng line and the American Ginseng Tea from Green Gold Ginseng is one of its latest additions.

The American ginseng tea pack comes with 20 tea bags and one bag can be brewed several times. Added to great energy kick, the ginseng tea acts assures reduced stress and boosted immunity with each serving.

Being a true ginseng, American ginseng is enriched in bioactive ginsenosides which help it to produce the unique stimulating effect of ginseng. The herb has been a common fixture with conventional Native American medicine and today has carved a niche as one of the most remarkable medicinal herbs in the world.

"You can take the tea as it is or else can add on your favorite juice for an enhanced taste. If you are looking an added flavor, top up the tea with maple syrup, honey or cranberry juice and you will love the eclectic taste. A steaming cup is always a pleasure but for something refreshing on a hot summer day, this ginseng tea is simply heaven while served with ice," adds the senior sales official from Tuff Bear.

A name of repute across Wisconsin ginseng retail scene, Tuff Bear offers various weight-loss supplements, nutritional supplements and anti-aging beauty care products along with ginseng goodies. For more details, go to

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