Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Relief Laser Treatment Now Available at Kinesis Clinic

Released on: November 16, 2015, 3:21 am (EST)
Industry: Healthcare

Guildford, Surrey, November 16, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- Barry Harpur of Kinesis Clinic, is pleased to announce the addition of the LF Pro Therapy Laser® by LiteCure Medical, LLC. To his practice. Mr Harpur’s practice is the first in the region to integrate LiteCure laser treatment into their clinic. This innovative and effective technology offers instant relief of pain, reduced swelling, and increased healing times.

‘While using the lightforce pro patients are always interested in the effects it will have on the body. It has become an integral part of my practice, not only for the ease of use but for the positive outcomes that can be achieved in such a short period of time. Patients have started to actively look for type 4-laser treatment due to the success practitioners are having not only here in the UK but across the pond in the USA where it has been used as a successful front line treatment for several years.

I initially started to use the lightforce pro on many of my sports injury patients as it got my players back in the game that much quicker. Realising the benefits, I quickly started to use it on everyday patients and have watched my practice grow with popularity from the beneficial effects. The ease of use, speed, and due to it being non-invasive patients love it! I have patients that specifically ask me, ‘any chance of some laser treatment today?’

Treatment times can vary depending on the condition but usually last between 6 and 10 minutes. Tendinitis, muscle tears and plantar fasciitis nearly always respond well to laser treatment. As it’s so different to all other hands on therapy it takes a while to get use to it. You feel like you should be doing more but you soon realise your doing more than you can ever imagine! Depending on severity of the condition I find 7-10 treatments can have the most beneficial effect. Pain reduces quickly and patients usually come for top up treatments once a month. I combine the type 4 laser treatment with many of my other hands on skills for maximum benefit. Pain reduction without medication and nasty side effects is key. If my patients are happy, I’m happy and Lightforce has made this possible.’

Cleared by the FDA in 2007, the Class IV therapy laser delivers light energy into the patient’s body. When this light interacts with damaged cells, cell respiration is improved, inflammation reduced, and nerve conduction slowed for immediate relief from pain. Patients suffering from migraines, musculoskeletal pain, sports injuries, neck and back pain or conditions, now have an alternative to surgery and drugs. The LF Pro offers: Drug-Free, Surgery-Fee, Pain Relief.

About the Company:
Kinesis Clinic based in the Guildford town centre provide the highest quality of osteopathic and injury rehabilitation services. They specialise in sports injuries, post surgery rehabilitation, work related injuries and offer many more treatments. The service offered by them includes osteopathy, injury prevention, movement assessment & training, acupuncture dry needing, type 4 laser, to name but a few.

Contact Kinesis Clinic today, to see if the LF Pro Therapy Laser® is the answer to your pain.

Visit www.kinesisclinic.co.uk or call 01483 504314 for more information.

Contact-Details: Contact: Barry Harpur Osteopath
Kinesis Clinic
2. Milkhouse Gate,

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