New Novel By Michael X. Shapson, “Can’t Take It Back”, Tests Limits Of Free Speech

Released on: November 12, 2015, 9:12 am (EST)
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Emporia, Kansas,, November 12, 2015 -- /EPR NETWORK/ -- New Novel By Michael X. Shapson, “Can’t Take It Back”, Tests Limits Of Free Speech.

—Chilling, provocative book will surely cause controversy.

Four high school football stars in Emporia, Kansas commit a random, senseless hate crime against a Somali Muslim student, and are sent to a shock incarceration program. While there, their eyes are opened to some hard truths about both political correctness and Islam. Upon their release, their desire for revenge drives them to put their new beliefs into practice. The plot produced by their righteous rage inadvertently sets off an explosive chain of events that has cataclysmic results for both themselves and the planet. They are then forced into an increasingly futile struggle to survive in the new post-apocalyptic reality they are responsible for creating.

The book is speculative fiction about a future we still have the power to change. No supernatural elements are needed here. The terror is heightened by the plausibility of the fast-paced storyline. It challenges all of us to examine what we truly believe about human equality and dignity, even as the horror and dread build relentlessly.

Michael X. Shapson has been all over the United States, including Emporia, Kansas. “This is my contribution to the fight for free speech.” he said. “I’ve seen so much beauty in this country, and I believe its people and its places are the best the world has to offer. I value the freedoms granted to us by the Constitution. I would like to see those preserved rather than eroded. I’d like to see politicians who dared to defend free speech and condemn barbaric 7th century practices rather than having politicians who do the opposite. Judgments CAN be made, despite what the politically correct among us would have us believe. Everyone is free to have an opinion...and everyone has the right to be heard.”

This book will undoubtedly spark heated discussion worldwide about human rights, free speech, and religion. “With freedom of speech rights being eroded as precipitously as they are,” he said, “the time could come when a novel such as this, given the controversial topics addressed within, would never see the light of day. We all need to hope that such a day never arrives.” The suggestive, cinematic style of realism Shapson employs keeps the reader’s attention from page one. Here’s where to get the book that everyone’s going to be talking about:

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