The international edition of popular Singapore board game, Wongamania, has been launched on Kickstarter

Released on: November 20, 2015, 3:29 am (EST)
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The international edition of popular Singapore board game, Wongamania, has been launched on Kickstarter on 19th November 2015, 10pm (SGT)!

Come 19th Nov, game designer Xeo Lye (also best-selling financial author and award-winning blogger) and his team at Capital Gains Studio will be taking to Kickstarter to raise funds for Wongamania: Banana Economy. A light-medium strategy economic board game featuring enhanced game mechanics, new components and a modular system allowing players to adjust the game’s level of difficulty, Wongamania: Banana Economy has been designed to better align with global gaming cultures. Partnering with Singapore’s top comic artist Andy Choo for illustrations, the bar for the game’s artwork has also been raised to international standards.

Our Kickstarter campaign will feature Wongamania: Banana Economy at AUD$25 (S$25) for a boxed set (estimated delivery Apr 2016) and AUD$10 for the Print-And-Play version (estimated delivery Dec 2015). Other enticing reward tiers, such as those comprising personalised illustrations by Andy, are also available in the range of AUD$100 to AUD$300. Furthermore, attractive upgrades such as exotic tokens, sassy dices and higher quality finishes await should our stretch goals be attained.

Now mark the date in your calendar, and get ready to join us in this game of economic manipulation and financial monsters!

About Wongamania: Banana Economy the Game

Welcome to Banana Republic, a politically unstable country where the economy is controlled by political and business elites. You are one of the elites of this nation, and your objective is to stash enough money in an offshore trust fund in order to retire comfortably.

Invest your income in Stocks, Properties and Bonds and exert influence on the government to manipulate the economy for your personal gain! Unleash the financial monsters such as Debtzilla, Inflationsaurus and Taxopus to destroy the wealth of your competitors. Orchestrate the downfall of other elites by destroying their personal life through car accidents, expensive divorces and shotgun babies. Do you have what it takes to survive in this cutthroat world of money mania?!

Wongamania: Banana Economy is a light-medium strategy economic board game and is the international edition of the popular Singapore board game - Wongamania. Illustrated by Singapore's top comic artist Andy Choo, Wongamania: Banana Economy has been designed to feature new game mechanics, components and a modular system which allows players to adjust its level of difficulty.


Number of Players: 2 - 5 players
Time Required: 30 mins
Recommended Ages: 10+
Game Components:
1 Two-sided Economic Cycle Board
56 Asset Cards
13 Professional Cards
16 Incident Cards
21 Global Cards
15 Trust Fund Cards
5 Insurance Cards
5 Bank/Symbol Guide Cards
1 Score Card
1 Productivity Die
Game Variants
The Apprentice (Beginner Level. Suitable for age 10+ and folks new to board games. Recommended 2 - 3 players.)
The Strategist (Beginner Level. Recommended 2 - 4 players.)
The Hardcore Wongamaniac (Advanced Level. Recommended 2 - 5 players.)

About Capital Gains Studio Pte. Limited
We are an independent Singapore-based game design and development studio on a mission to inspire learning through simple yet seriously fun ways. Driven by our principles of fun, social interaction and education, we crack our brains to blend psychology, financial principles and humour to create analog and digital games which are simple to learn, difficult to master, but undoubtedly addictive with a high level of re-playability. Through our games, we strive to inspire individuals to master financial literacy so as to engage finance professionals in a more meaningful and informed manner, and empower educators with a powerful and interesting tool to enhance their levels of engagement with students and clients.

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Capital Gains Website:
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Instagram: @capitalgainsgroup, #wongamania
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Contact-Details: Yvonne Lai Yee Chuang (Ms)
Marketing Director
+65 9068 9256

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