Holistic Non-Profit Hunger Initiative Seeking Funds to Provide Chemical-Free Organic Foods to the Needy

Released on = August 6, 2005, 5:38 pm

Press Release Author = Legacy Health Foundation, Inc.

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = Charitable organization providing chemical-free healing foods and natural health products to the hungry and disadvantaged, while fostering awareness of toxins in our food and environment that can cause disease, is seeking
grants and donations in support of its primary mission.

Press Release Body = The Legacy Health Foundation is a progressive health and hunger initiative that strives to combat hunger in a new way -- holistically addressing the growing interrelated problems of hunger, malnutrition, and chronic illness. We
believe that feeding the hungry alone is only a short-term solution.

Food products typically provided by hunger organizations that serve the needy, due to cost constraints, are often inexpensive, contain many toxic additives, and have little nutritional value. Many people are unaware of the multitude of harmful
chemicals present in our food supply, and the significant negative impact they can have on human health. If you are contaminated with toxins that can trigger disease, and are weak, malnourished, and unable to fight disease due to the lack of nutrients
present in most foods, it can become very difficult to recover or maintain a state of good health and function as a productive member of society.

For this reason, our goal is to promote awareness and avoidance of disease-causing toxins in our food and environment, and to provide healthier choices for those who need it the most and are typically the least able to afford it, including access to organic chemical-free foods and natural healing products and services.

The need for the types of products and services that the Legacy Health Foundation uniquely provides is great, and continues to grow. Therefore, your tax-deductible donation is critical to helping us accomplish our mission, and is greatly appreciated! You can also purchase natural health treatments and other products on our web site, and all of the profits will go directly to helping the needy through one of our programs.

Please visit our web site to learn more about our mission and how you can help at http://www.legacyhealthfoundation.org

Web Site = http://www.legacyhealthfoundation.org

Contact Details = Legacy Health Foundation, Inc.
Main P.O. Box 276
Oberlin, Ohio 44074
Federal Tax ID #61-1471611

Primary Contact: Deb Bromley, Director
Tel: 440-774-4641
Email: debbromley@legacyhealthfoundation.org


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