"Plato's Dream" selected by Forbes Magazine to be included
in their Book Club.

Released on = October 28, 2005, 5:41 am

Press Release Author = Edward Ronny Arnold / Computer Classics

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Forbes Magazine, one of the world's most respected and conservative magazines, has combined the old addage of death and taxes. Both death and taxes are inevitable but unfortunatly taxes come before death. Forbes Magazine's Book Club has selected "Plato's Dream" a book about death and gentic consciousness for inclusion in their book club.

Press Release Body = Forbes Magazine partnered with Eagle Book Clubs to create The Forbes.com Book Club. The Forbes.com Book Club was designed to provide readers with an easy way to order the best business and general interest books available. Forbes.com also provides readers with timely recommendations and reviews on the hot
new titles from the major publishers as well as on those books that you might not find in your average bookstore.

"Plato's Dream" is based on the consciousness theories of philosophers Plato and Aristotle and the genetic findings of Gregor Mendal. It is a work of fiction that explores the possibility that at our death, we could experience the memories of distant releatives as a series of dreams. This experience is called Plato's Dream.

The book was selected for the 2005 Southern Festival of Books and the e-book version is currently nominated for the 2006 EPIC award for Single Title / Mainstream Book.

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