Did the Establishment conspire to hide a vital spiritual and historical discovery?

Released on = November 21, 2005, 5:22 am

Press Release Author = Pendulum Publishing

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = In 1997 a historical Researcher and navigator made one of the most important discoveries of the last Century and yet academia wants him silenced.

Press Release Body = Crichton E M Miller figured out how the pyramids were designed, why and uncovered the roots of world religions, mathematics and science.

His work revealed knowledge of ancient mariners and his revelations including the function of earlier henge’s in combination with astronomy.

He discovered how latitude and longitude could be found through astrology in prehistory.

This remarkable revelation answered the problems of diffusion of Homo sapiens around the planet during the Ice Ages.

He discovered an instrument that could do all of this and because he has no peer group, applied and was awarded two British Patents on the design in 2000 and 2001.

He went through the normal academic procedure of creating a theory and producing working models.

Because it is historical he has amassed archaeological evidence in support of his thesis.

He discovered an instrument in the Great Pyramid of Khufu that is an exact replica of his patented instrument.

The first articles of Millers momentous work were printed in 2000 as the new century began and immediately picked up on by Cambridge University and a later thesis published by Dr Kate Spence appeared in the Daily Mail depicting the instrument in the artwork, but dumbing down Miller’s discovery by producing a simplistic and debased alternative.

The famous Professor Clive Ruggles at Leicester University Department of Archaeoastronomy expressed interest in 2003 and then backed away despite contributions to the theory by Professor Covey in America who is a specialist in early migration and the distribution of Clovis points.

After various articles went out in Egyptology magazines, the instrument parts left in the pyramid were hidden by the Egyptian Authorities by Dr Zahi Hawass head of Antiquities.

From 2000 to the present day no editor of any major newspaper, scientific magazine or television company will report on the discovery despite its indisputable merit.

This is not because they do not see how it works but rather that they do.

Miller has been approached by several film makers including National Geographic and each back off when they see the full ramifications.

No Agent or publisher would support the work for the fear it instilled in them over the political historical and religious implications.

So for the past 8 years working quietly and in some anonymity, the author has self published and distributed his work world wide through his book The Golden Thread of Time and through his website www.crichtommiller.com

His work is carried by many other sites and he occasionally lectures to private organisations that are capable of understanding his work.

What is the problem then?

The discovery passed down through generations by unsung heroes, frees the mind from bondage imposed over thousands of years and shows the reasons for our increasing world crisis.

It was the knowledge of Rulers and kept secret to control and manipulates the masses instead of serving them.

It was the power of Royal Families in Europe and is evident in architecture of early and late Christianity.

This system and the use of its artefacts by a ruthless few destroyed millions and wiped out whole civilisations and is a judgement on those who hid it.

Now, with the help of best selling author, Philip Gardiner (The Serpent Grail, The Shining Ones, Gnosis) Crichton Miller is again attempting to get this discovery heard - regardless of the implications and threats.

If you want the inside story and want to know the real facts behind the great powers in the world - then email us in confidence at info@philipgardiner.net

Web Site = http://www.crichtonmiller.com

Contact Details = info@philipgardiner.net

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