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Released on = December 6, 2005, 10:19 am

Press Release Author = My Articles Directory

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Keisha Seaton has just released My - Articles Directory
( It is a new article directory that helps writers, and
authors find more relevant content to get over the "writers block" hump. Content can
be reprinted in any media publications.

Press Release Body = Dorchester, MA - December 08, 2005 - Writers, do you suffer
from \"Writers Block\"? It\'s not a pretty thought when you have a deadline to meet,
and do not have the article or story ready for publication. This can become a
writer\'s worst nightmare no matter what subject or category your trying to cover. If
you do not have the content you need to print, your readers will never see it.

Did you know that this happens to about 98% of writers? Is there cure for this
ailing disease? While there is no definite cure for \"writers block\", you still have
to get your story out to your readers. There must be an alternative way out of your

My-Articles ( is a growing articles directory, which offers
writers, authors, and editors free content for reprint, in newspapers, web sites, or
blogs. Just about anything that needs content, you will be able to find the
resources there. While there is no cure for the deadly disease, we do offer a range
of articles to be reprinted to soothe any writer\'s ailments!

*With new content you will make your readers very happy, and eager to read your next
*You will keep your boss smiling.
*Finally you will be able to walk away feeling like a winner. After All you have
just made everyone around you happy!

My-Articles is an free online article directory for both publishers and authors. strives to become a leader in the world of online publishing by
providing services to Ezine owners and other publishers. Authors and writers submit
your articles to Directory for free article publication, and
syndication services.

About Keisha Seaton
Keisha Seaton is an Internet Marketing Consultant. She specializes in providing
small business owners with information on how to increase their web site traffic!
Keisha Seaton is also the owner of

My-Articles ( was recently accepted into the ISEDN Network
( There are currently only 120 sites on the Internet that has been
accepted into this network. The ISEDN Network was recently featured in the very
popular Site Pro News (

Contact Keisha Seaton for details about My-Articles Directory. Direct line: (617)
436-5881 Email: Other helpful information regarding the this
service can be found at:

For More Information Contact:

Keisha Seaton

Web Site =

Contact Details = Keisha Seaton

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