PrimeVoices Launches a New Casting Tool to Better Serve Studios and Producers

Released on = December 1, 2005, 1:49 am

Press Release Author = PrimeVoices

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = The European specialist of foreign language voice talents
has improved its online database to ease customer access to its international

Press Release Body = Chasselay (France) November 24, 2005. - PrimeVoices, the
leading European voice agency, has renovated its voice bank with a quick and
friendly access to its extensive talent catalogue, that includes over 400 voice
samples in around 30 languages. Browsing process has been simplified, while voices
get an enhanced, personalized presence in the new site.

At PrimeVoices' web site customers have now an easy-to-use interface to select voice
type and languages: voices appear in a glossy list, with as many colors as voice
types. Samples can be listened in seconds with just one click on a glossy flash
icon. Downloading of mp3 demos is also a handy process.

Selecting voices is facilitated by a description of the talent, its personality and
experience. Once the choice is made, customers can press quote request, to ask for
an estimate for their project. "Browsing and choosing the right talent is now as
easy as shopping for a product or service in the Internet", says Grazia Rossi,
PrimeVoices' CEO.

Sergio Angeletti, computer programmer, has created the special software that
quickens the access to voice demos, while guides potential customers to a fast and
secure check in/out procedure. "Our database is tailored to the specific needs of
the global PrimeVoices' customer. Most of our visitors are rather busy people, who
want to make a decision on a casting in just a couple of mouse clicks".

Based in Chasselay (Lyon - France), PrimeVoices was created in March 2000 as a voice
agency focused on a local customer base. The company grew and went global in 2002
due to an increasing demand for localized recordings of corporate videos, GPS voice
guides, tutorials, infomercials, as well as TV billboards and spots. Major clients
include EuroNews TV, Muse du Louvre, Hewlett Packard, Michelin, AirFrance-KLM,
EasyJet or Navicore.

Grazia Rossi, PrimeVoices' CEO says: \"We have worked for months, reinventing our
image as a Europe's most specialized supplier of foreign voice over. The result is a
brand new web site, with an easy and quick access to our postproduction services.
With our attractive Internet present we would also like to stress that we care about
voices and its presence in any multimedia product\".

Pietro Iulita, web designer, points out \"It has been a major challenge to refresh
PrimeVoices' image. The logo incorporates the three main activities of the company:
voice over, text translation-adaptation, and video filming. As for the web site, I
wanted to highlight the human side of our activity, since we deal with people's
voices from around the world\"

PrimeVoices is an international company specializing in voice-overs in multiple
languages, as well as full video production and editing. PrimeVoices works with
selected voice talents to provide the finest presentations to studios and producers
all over the world.

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Contact Details = For additional information on PrimeVoices, please contact: Grazia

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