The Diet Smart Plan, the last diet book you will ever buy, is now available

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Press Release Summary = The Diet Smart Plan - Small Changes for Big Results, a book
that helps participants lose weight by focusing on small changes rather than drastic
chagnes. The plan is effective, easy, and inexpensive.

The Diet Smart Plan:
Small Changes for Big Results
By Barry G. Sanders
DSP International Paperback
Publication date: December 14, 2005
124 Pages
ISBN 0-977-400905
Contact: Michael Kennon

Barry G. Sanders

Obesity has become a problem with over 60 million Americans considered obese by the
CDC. However, many of us have tried diets and failed because most diets are
difficult, expensive, or require dieters to starve themselves. Finally, there is a
common-sense diet plan that works for those people who are frustrated with other
diets because they didn't work. This is the last diet book you will buy because it
Can weight loss actually be easy without resorting to drastic measures? In his
informative new book, The Diet Smart Plan (DSP International/December 2005/$9.95),
Barry G. Sanders shows that weight loss can be achieved through small changes that
add up to big results.
Barry G. Sanders knew that he couldn't lose the 40 pounds he wanted to on a typical
diet: \"After reviewing the daily menus of typical diets, I thought I would rather
eat cardboard\". Most diet plans he saw were overly-restrictive and wouldn't let him
have his favorite foods such as pizza, fries and cheeseburgers. After this research
and knowing what would work for him, Sanders developed a plan that would be
effective for him and would still allow him to eat the things he loved. \"I knew
that I couldn't be on a diet for more than a couple of days that wouldn't allow me
things like pizza\". As he lost weight, he then shared his program with others who
also lost wanted to lose weight. At the urging of many who were successful in
losing their excess weight on the Plan, Mr. Sanders wrote The Diet Smart Plan so
that you too can lose those unwanted pounds without feeling like you are on a diet.
In developing The Diet Smart Plan, Barry G. Sanders wanted that this new diet plan
. Effective
. Easy to stay with
. Inexpensive
. Flexible
. Simple
. Not requiring preparation of special meals
The Diet Smart Plan was written by an everyday person with a family and an 8 to 5
job that needed real-world weight loss solutions that each of us face. The Diet
Smart Plan is the result of this need, a series of easy-to-follow guidelines and
creative diet strategies. For those who have tried and failed on multiple diets,
this plan is so easy that almost anyone can have success.
\"Restrictive diets didn't work for me and didn't work for most people,\" Sanders
writes, and then he adds, \"The Diet Smart Plan doesn't ask you to conquer the world,
simply make a few small changes."
About the Author BARRY G. SANDERS has personally helped dozens achieve their weight
loss goals. He lives in Dacula, Georgia with his wife Connie and his new daughter,

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