Independent Author Publisher Announces Virtual Book Reading Tour Via Podcast

Released on = January 6, 2006, 12:47 pm

Press Release Author = Kay Stoner

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = Independent author and publisher, Kay Stoner, announces the
start of her virtual book tour for her forthcoming book, \"Fuel: Memoirs of a

Press Release Body = This virtual book tour is a podcast series of readings from her
book, which tells the tale of two Americans stranded in Cornwall (Southwestern
England) during the fuel protests and crisis of 2000.

Combining readings of sections from \"Fuel\" with ambient sound effects of audiences
talking, laughing, and clapping, Kay creates an environment like she\'s experienced
at live readings. \"I originally had thought about doing a real-life book tour for
Fuel,\" she says. \"But I\'ve got a lot of personal responsibilities and I don\'t have
the time or money to launch a full-scale book reading tour. I\'ve been podcasting for
a number of months, now, and it occurred to me that I could produce a \"virtual\" book
tour that sounds just like recorded book tours I\'ve seen on cable television, or
hear on the radio. The only difference, is that the audience sounds are \"canned\". My
potential real-life audience, however, is probably much greater than what I could
attract with readings at local bookstores or art galleries or public libraries.\"

With podcasting, Kay intendes to reach an international audience, who will download
her audio and subscribe to her podcast feed, which they can find listed in major
podcast directories, as well as at her podcasting site She\'s also
writing a creator\'s guide for other authors who want to launch an international book
tour, but lack the funds, the money, or the connections, to tour. For more
information about \"Fuel\", creating virtual book tours, and podcasting, visit To find out more about using podcasting to reach a wide audience,
e-mail or visit

Web Site =

Contact Details = Kay Stoner
P.O. Box 15108
Boston, MA 02215
Phone: 617-816-1382

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