wwwbritsmovingtoaustraliacom - See it to believe it! Victoria, Australia - January 28, 2006

Released on = January 27, 2006, 6:26 pm

Press Release Author = Peter Stroud

Industry = Media

Press Release Summary = What better way to showcase the Australian way of living to
the whole world? Simple and amazing videos from www.britsmovingtoaustralia.com are
going a long way in providing relevant information to Brits wanting to move down

Press Release Body = "God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand
and thank Christ for Australia." - Russell Crowe.

Australia\'s not a place where you stand on the sidelines and watch - dive on in.
Australia's uniqueness stems from the land being vastly diverse with its deserts,
beaches and nature's blessings of wildlife and vegetation. While making a beeline to
Australia, a Brit might be thinking about the beaches and sun, the kangaroos and the
fun that the land down under offers. An insight into the cultural, linguistic and
geographical diversities of the thankful land of Australia can be had from the
videos of Australia at www.britsmovingtoaustralia.com.

Moving to Australia would never be easier, of course keeping the paperwork apart,
adjustment to life, profession and culture would be immensely easier if a Brit could
watch and understand the videos on this pioneering (no other videos are available on
this subject) and extremely informative website.

It is imperative that a Brit wanting to move should get the feel of Australia and
get conditioned to the way of life in Australia before he proceeds any further. Our
strong and singular recommendation for getting educated and keeping abreast is the
best and exhaustive resource, www.britsmovingtoaustralia.com.

These videos are unique in content and cannot be found elsewhere on the internet.
All the more reason for Brit who is serious about moving to Australia should be
investing his 5 pounds today. After all "Seeing is Believing".

Web Site = http://www.britsmovingtoaustralia.com

Contact Details = Stroudco Pty Ltd
PO Box 729 Heathmont
Vic Australia 3135
Ph 0417 517 090

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