2006 Black History Month Award Reception Celebrating Living History Makers!

Released on = February 17, 2006, 3:35 pm

Press Release Author = Adrienne S. Lamm/TPC Foundation, Inc.

Industry = Non Profit

Press Release Summary = TPC Foundation, Inc. in Los Angeles honors 5 of California\'s
unsung Living History Makers who are making strides every day to uplift the African
American Community.

Press Release Body = Only a week until to the California's community's most
outstanding recognition award reception held during Black History Month!

Presenting Sponsors: Wells Fargo and Microsoft, and Corporate Sponsors: Farmers
Insurance - Farmers Action for Communities of Tomorrow (F.A.C.T.) and Turning Point
Magazine present the 13th Annual Living History Makers Awards Reception. Hosted by
TPC Foundation and Turning Point Magazine, the reception will be held Thursday,
February 23, 2006 from 6PM to 8PM at the City Club on Bunker Hill, 333 South Grand
Avenue, 54th Floor, Wells Fargo Center, Los Angeles, CA.

Always held on the last Thursday of Black History Month, the Living History Makers
Reception recognizes California's most dedicated individuals in the categories of
Advocacy, Arts & Entertainment, Education, Science and Technology - and in addition,
for the reception's lucky 13th year, the Emerging History Maker category was added!

The Living History Makers Award 2006 had almost 100 entries from all over the State
of California! Each applicant was nominated by peers, family and/or organizations.
While all applications submitted this year were very commendable, those applicants
had to be evaluated, and a list of the 2006 top finalists was chosen. Each of these
individuals chosen has been pinnacle in working daily and tirelessly to uplift the
California African-American community. The 2006 Finalists in each category were

Dr. Thomas Parham
Howard Ransom Jr.
Edna Herring
Jason Seward

Entertainment and Arts
Earl Ofari Hutchinson
Mother Love
Malcolm Ali

G. Patricia Jackson
William Tribble Sr.
Sam Washington

Science & Technology
Hildreth "Hal" Walker Jr.
Jennifer Spalding

From this stellular and exemplary list of 2006 finalists, the judges had to begin
the painstakingly hard choice of choosing the 2006 Honorees. After weeks of careful
deliberation against the entire awards criteria, the Living History Makers Award
Reception 2006 Honorees were selected in each category:

William Tribble Sr.
CEO, Faywill House
Community: Indio, California

William Tribble Sr. is the CEO, Faywill House, a six-bed facility that caters to
teenage boys 13 to 17 years old. Faywill House falls under the umbrella of Faywill
Alternative Housing Services, an organization which provides a staggering array of
services ranging from shelter and mental health counseling to vocational training
and economic empowerment. Tribble and his late wife, Jennie, founded the
organization in 2003. He is also the founder and CEO of Tribble Construction, which
has also helped African-Americans become homeowners by providing workshops on
financial literacy and homeownership.

Malcolm Ali
Owner, Fashion Image News Agency (FINA)
Community: Los Angeles, California

Malcolm Ali is the owner, Fashion Image News Agency (FINA) and has been capturing
the grief, pain, joy and exhilaration of everyday people and everyday life for over
30 years as a photographer. He has taken the art of photography and brought it to
the community from photographing the rich and famous as well as the everyday person.
He does more than just snaps a picture; he enlightens through his camera with
stories of fame, loss, love, life, and community. From the Los Angeles Homeless and
Hurricane Katrina's devastation to the star-studded BET's 25 Anniversary Show, he
has captured the glamorous with undeniable shine to the sorrowful without
sacrificing their dignity. He is an unrelenting teacher, mentor and worker who
devotes the same passion and energy to his craft, whether he is paid or not.

Howard Ransom Jr.
CEO, New Wave Educational Center
Community: Watts/Los Angeles, California

Howard Ransom Jr. has nearly 30 years as an educator and mentor. He has earned a
bachelor's degree from California State University, Hayward, in African American
Studies and Theatre Arts and is currently pursuing a master's degree in Urban
Education at California State University, Los Angeles. He currently teaches at the
Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center in Watts, Calif., has served as the
principal of Academy Cathedral High School in Inglewood, Calif. and is also the
President and CEO of the Long Beach, Calif.-based New Wave Educational Center. After
the Los Angeles riots in 1992, he joined forces with U.S. Post Service officials and
developed a Civil Service Training Program to help prepare applicants for the civil
service exam. His efforts led to nearly one thousand men and women enrolling in the
course, and the hiring of over 400 of those applicants as temporary and permanent

Hildreth "Hal" Walker Jr.
Community: Inglewood/Los Angeles, California

Hildreth "Hal" Walker Jr. has been in the field of science and technology for the
past 40 years. In 1969, his lunar laser-ranging experiment was the only active
interplanetary experiment carried out by the Apollo 11 crew. His career includes
positions at KORAD Laser Systems, where he first began his work, and Hughes
Aircraft, from where he retired. He is the President and CEO of TECH PLUS, a Los
Angeles, Calif. based laser technology consultant group with international
collaborators. Along with his wife Dr. Bettye Walker, he is the chairman of the
board of directors and co-founder of the African-American Male Achievers Network
Inc. (A-MAN). The Walkers also run the nonprofit International Science and Discovery
Center, which began as a pilot project at Dr. Walker's Compton, Calif., elementary
school nearly 20 years ago. In the latter part of 2005, Walker traveled abroad to
run an A-MAN program that was first implemented in 1998 at the Umthombo Primary
School in Memelodi, South Africa.

Myia Jones
CEO, Multicultural Youth in Action Inc. (MYIA Inc.)
Community: Bay Area/Vacaville, California

14 year old Vacaville Christian High School Honor Roll student Myia Jones is CEO of
Multicultural Youth in Action Inc. (MYIA Inc.); her four year old Vacaville, Calif.
based nonprofit organization! The organization offers social interaction, education
and empowerment to youth in her community. The activities of the group range from
holding financial and health seminars to promoting good health with young children.
In September of 2005, MYIA Inc. was awarded a $10,000 grant from the Kaiser
Permanente Foundation to enable the organization to reach even more youth and in
2004, Jones was voted by State Farm Insurance as one of the "10 Most Influential
Blacks in California's Bay Area."

This affair will be attended by business executives, community leaders, elected
officials and decision makers that directly influence the African American
Community. Pre-Paid reservations (before February 22, 2006) are $50.00 per
individual or you can pay at the door the night of the event on Thursday, February
23, 2006. For pre-paid reservations, contact the TPC Foundation, Inc., Event
Coordinator, Mr. Sean Ransom at (323) 299-6000 ext. 105.

Media/Press/PR Contact:
Adrienne S. Lamm
Public Relations, Media and Marketing
TPC Foundation, Inc.
Phone: 323-299-6000
Website: www.tpcfoundation.org

TPC Foundation, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization that provides
educational assistance and training to minority students through the TPC Internship
Program. It assists minority college students, particularly from under-served
communities, in gaining practical experience and professional instruction in the
field of journalism, specifically in the areas of communications, business and
graphic design.

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