Marketing And Business Development Consulting Firm Envere Launches Digital Photography And Graphics Unit

Released on = February 9, 2006, 2:59 pm

Press Release Author = Tom Isaacson / Envere

Industry = Management

Press Release Summary = Marketing and business development consulting firm Envere
creates a new digital photography and graphics business unit to augment operations
and provide additional services to customers.

Press Release Body = Santa Barbara, California - Marketing group Envere announces
the creation of a digital imaging and graphics operation to be known as Outer
Insights. The focus of the new unit will be to provide digital images and graphic
works based upon a rapidly growing catalog of over 5,000 images.

"Not necessarily run of the mill photos though." Says Tom Isaacson, Envere's
founding principal. "Our shots are of places and activities that are sometimes a bit
hard to capture. We love to incorporate the outdoors, animals of all types and the
intensity of human endeavor into our work whenever possible. We also like to
experiment with processing options to achieve outcomes per customer desires. Our
specialists prefer to be up before the Sun or in the water or mountains or desert or
close to Le Mans cars on the track to capture what may not always be easy to see.
Our goal is to make crystal clear digital shots from 'Out There' available for
everyday business or personal needs."

In order to appeal to varied audiences Outer Insights will sell its work via two
channels. The channel for ready-made products such as calendars, framed prints,
greeting cards, posters and related items is up and running in conjunction with the
Caf Press retail experts at "This approach
gets us in the game almost instantly. We've kicked things off with a simple set-up
displaying nearly 200 products within various store sections." Isaacson said. "Plus
we're adding more items on a weekly basis and will continue to do so for some time."
This also allows the new unit to create custom short run products to customer
specifications as long as they fit Caf Press configurations and a minimum of 25
units are ordered.

The second Outer Insights channel will be for custom work, limited edition pieces
and specialty items to customer specifications and function via a stand-alone web
site as well as conventional means. "This service is currently available without its
own Internet presence. That will change shortly." Isaacson continued. "We're laying
out site details now and expect to have it operational within a few weeks." The
custom work channel currently has images on display in the Santa Barbara area and is
working with housing and interior designers and stock photo providers.

Conceived in response to past promotional efforts requiring non-standard images,
Envere migrated naturally towards the Outer Insights effort. Many past projects
could not be completed with stock shots and issues of resolution, composition, size,
focus, lighting and similar variables frequently caused time to be lost while
adjusting and re-working photographs. This ultimately led to a large body of
in-house images and standardization of related equipment and software, which, in
turn opened the door to controlling quality, storage and style issues along with
basic content.

Envere is a marketing and business development firm with more than three decades of
experience in a variety of fields covering a broad range of activities and business
disciplines both domestically and outside the U.S.

Web Site =

Contact Details = Tom Isaacson
P.O. Box 31040
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

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